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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Wildlife encounters by mrsthing on 25 January 2008 3:27pm
Some interesting stories in the weather thread made me think a thread on wildlife would be nice.

What's the most exotic animal you've seen in the wild, and where did you see it?

Any close encounters?

Tell your stories!

Re: Wildlife encounters by mrsthing on 25 January 2008 3:30pm
"My" coyote seems to have disappeared. I haven't seen it in several days. I was hoping it would stick around and control the mouse and squirrel populations, but I'm only down one squirrel (only 8 now) and I can still hear mice scrabbling in the walls. I'm loathe to use poison, not only because of the coyotes, but because we have several species of hawks hunting actively, and the poisoned mice will kill anything that eats them. But mice chew wires, which could start an electrical fire, so I'm hoping we can find another solution. Live trapping didn't work (more mice just come in to replace the ones that are released elsewhere), and the snap traps were too gruesome for me to deal with. (Husband refused, too, even though it was at his insistence that I got the damned things in the first place!)
Re: Wildlife encounters by Spursfan on 25 January 2008 3:52pm
A tiger in India.

Re: Wildlife encounters by suzulu on 25 January 2008 4:06pm
Probably not exotic to you Americans but was to me. I had a close encounter with a moose in the Grand Teton National Park while walking along a trail. Also with a snake in the Oregon Trail Ruts, don't know what species it was. It moved so fast for me to get a proper look at it but then I didn't want to stay around long enough to find out!
Re: Wildlife encounters by Wild in Africa on 25 January 2008 6:15pm
Well obviously all the usual suspects on numerous safaris in Africa (including riding on the back of an African elephant in Zimbabwe last November) but the most 'exotic' anywhere, was one of those mysterious 'alien big cats' on a dark country road near Watford England in 1992. Clearly appeared in my car headlights and was not a dog or large domestic cat or anything obvious. So that's my vote for a truly exotic beast in an unlikely surrounding.
Re: Wildlife encounters by tucsonmike on 25 January 2008 7:51pm
I've seen Coyotes not far from my Tucson home. I have seen Javelina's in Sabino Canyon.
Re: Wildlife encounters by Lounge Trekker on 25 January 2008 8:07pm
I've seen Grizzly bears from several hundred metres. We had one do a night-time check of our camp in November at about 2100 m. Bruno and I have seen several Black bear, including cubs, Bruno was trying to play with them, I was within 20 metres. A few years ago, while hunting, I had a face-to-face (2 m) with a black bear on his way to a fishing hole where five others were feeding. I stepped off the trail to let him past.

We saw three bull elk sweeping across an opening about 50-70 m from our location, I see 20 (or more) deer each year. I've been lucky a few times with Moose crossing the highway in front of me. Never saw the Cougar that crossed our tracks. Mountain sheep are wonderful to see, if you have good eyes. There is a location on a major highway where I've seen them several times.

Seals, sea lions, Dolphins, Orca, Grey and Humpback whales, sea Otters, predatory birds (Eagles, Hawks).

There is a National Park in the Rocky Mountains (about 1000 km from me), between Banff and Jasper, where the abundant wildlife makes a drive through an absolutley amazing experience. There are times when you can see Elk within 10 metres, while walking through the town. You might even see Grizzly and hopefully you are in a vehicle.

Nothing exotic...these are all 'close' to home...domestic wildlife, if you will!

Lounge Trekker
Re: Wildlife encounters by Spursfan on 25 January 2008 8:42pm
Can I add to my list? Whales off the coast of Monterey, California; the wonderful sight of dolphins daily crossing the bay in front of our hotel beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico; many eagles in central Turkey - one landed a few yards from our car; small meercat-type animals that appear in their hundreds (or thousands) as you drive in Central Turkey (difficult to avoid them as they pop up at the last second!!); Loads of vultures in India, circling over head or grouped 'menacingly' together on the various temple roofs; monkeys pinching the food offerings in temples in Kathmandu; elephants dressed for the temple in India, and also to ride on up to one of the temples (I wimped out at the last second and went up in a jeep!!!)(is that counted as 'in the wild'? Prob not, sorry); a turtle in our outdoor (natural) swimming pool in Pammukkale Turkey. As the water was cloudy with the mineral deposits there, I was a bit nervous to say the least!!
Re: Wildlife encounters by mrsthing on 25 January 2008 8:50pm
My bluebirds are back! :D We had 5 of them visiting the feeders last year for about 6 weeks, then they just disappeared. I hope they'll nest here--they nest very early (February - March), so I'd better make sure the nesting box is clean.

We saw huge flocks of sea birds in Maine some years back: a whole flotilla of Eiders; osprey and bald eagles, all kinds of ducks, and Loons, which are sea birds in the non-breeding season. Saw some Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and a Minke whale, too.

I saw a Pica in Grand Teton NP. It was SO cute! It apparently didn't hear us coming, and we got quite close to it before it looked up, crouched in fear, cheeped an alarum and ran away.

We saw lots of Moose there, too. And had a near miss with a young black bear. We were standing on the trail when I heard a rustling in the brush, and a mid-sized black bear came barreling down the hill heading straight for my husband, who, being the brainy nerd he is, was staring in fascination at the topographical map of the area and oblivious to the bear. It ran right behind him, and he didn't notice. It was about as tall as the bottom of his bum. I almost got a picture of it, but my scaredy-cat husband dragged me away for fear the mama bear would be along soon. When we reported the sighting, the ranger laughed and said, "Oh, that's just Jack--he loves to do that to people!"

Which park in the Rockies are you talking about, Pete? I've been to most of them.
Re: Wildlife encounters by Miss-M on 26 January 2008 1:16am
Awww bluebirds! Reminds me of the film with Shirley Temple.

I had a close encounter with a bullant. That was pretty wild.
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