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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Messages from Michael. by Ken Dunn on 26 January 2008 10:19am
I've been looking for a thread relating to the subject since Michael's last message and found it strange that I couldn't find one in the main topics.

He posted messages more often when the site was young but now seems to have settled to a six month interval approximately between messages.

With his next message due in a couple of months or so I'm wondering what the content will be with him approaching retirement age. A lot of the best presenters work on well past retirement (e.g. David Attenborough and Patrick Moore) and if Michael does the same could we look forward to some more Palin gems in the future?
Re: Messages from Michael. by elina on 26 January 2008 10:41am
I would guess he writes about how things are going and what are his plans if he has any and surely he has some.
Re: Messages from Michael. by mrsthing on 26 January 2008 4:00pm
It's hard for me to imagine any of them retiring. Slowing down, maybe; but not just rusting away on a beach somewhere until they get so doddery they have to move to a "home".

Though Michael's trips may get less and less ambitious. I can see that. "Full Circle with Michael Palin: Hounslow to Surbiton." "An In-Depth Tour of Teddington Lock." Or maybe a series called "Ancient London", with episodes like "Gospel Oak: The Swinging 60s."
Re: Messages from Michael. by Spursfan on 26 January 2008 4:56pm
Something I think about sometimes is the way my generation will act when it is in its 80s or 90s whatever (I am talking about people like me who 'came of age' in the 1970s).

I can imagine the carers asking those of us who have to go into elderly folks homes 'shall we put some music on?' and getting the reply 'yeah - put some Sex Pistols on!' or 'Can we have some nice Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath/Doors' or whatever!!

What I am saying is, that at the mo' we associate little old ladies and men in homes with things like Bing Crosby or something. When it comes to OUR day, (or at least MY day) U2'll be blasting along the corridors !
Re: Messages from Michael. by mrsthing on 27 January 2008 3:16am
I'm starting to get patients at Hospice who want Beatles music. With my sweet little boy-soprano type of voice, I can't do much Beatles music, but I do my best. "Across the Universe" is very popular, and always puts people to sleep. But so many of the songs are about love/heartbreak that it's hard to pick a song that won't make people cry. Oh well.

I'd ask for 60s music (Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, etc.), Billy Joel, Santana,
Pink Floyd, and music from any popular musical, from "Oklahoma" to "Spamalot". I'd probably want Python music. I wonder if it would shock the staff to have a little old lady singing along in her cackly voice, "Sit on my faaaaace, and tell me that you love me..." or "Inflammation of the 4skin, reminds me of your smile" (one of the best lines in all their music, I think!)?
Re: Messages from Michael. by kazzzz on 27 January 2008 9:15am
I often wonder that if, when I'm old(er) and wrinkly(ier) , will all the younguns NOT have tattooes? Will it be something that only daggy old people have?
Re: Messages from Michael. by peripatetically on 27 January 2008 10:00am
I don't know, Karen, but there's going to be a heck of a lot of ugly tattoed people out there afraid to see themselves in the mirror!!!!! They'll probably scare themselves to an even earlier death. lol
Re: Messages from Michael. by Spursfan on 27 January 2008 11:06am
And what will happen about all the piercings!!!!

Imagine the scene:

Are there going to be thousands of frail 95-year olds who can't walk or get out of bed because of the weight of numerous bits of metal attached to them?!!

And will the tongue-studs get in the way of their dentures?!!
Re: Messages from Michael. by johnnythemonkey on 27 January 2008 8:40pm
I used to quote " Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse " but I'm too bloody old for that now.
Still have the looks though. ;)
Re: Messages from Michael. by Spursfan on 27 January 2008 9:16pm
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