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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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*What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by MMMmmm... on 30 January 2008 6:31am

I don't necessarily mean people who call themselves psychics or get paid for it.

But I mean those kinds of experiences that are really hard to explain...

Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by Lounge Trekker on 30 January 2008 6:58am
I can only speak about my own experiences, MMMmmm... I haven't had a specific incident that would justify relating the tale, but I've had enough questionable happenings to put some belief in other people's psychic experiences. Just the feeling of deja vu is enough for me to think there's more to it.

Dreams that seem so very real...about something that could really happen...there could be something truthful about these exagerrated tales of ESP we hear of and see on TV.

Has anyone else had psychic experiences?

Lounge Trekker
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by Wheelrim on 30 January 2008 1:49pm
Ok, Here goes... My dad died 6 years ago, I had always been highly sceptical, to the point of derision, with respect to psychic mumbo jumbo, until...... a guy i worked with on nights already had a reputation for, to put it bluntly, speaking to the dead, so, one night, just sitting there he started to click his fingers, he said " your dad wants a chat" well, i thought i would let him go, and so he did.... he recalled so many things, EXACTLY from my childhood, the most unusual unspoken things that only dad would know, i did not follow up the experience, nor do i watch the daytime stuff on tv, however, this was a personal half hour chat, FROM my dad (I believe) telling me a few things and laughing at some past `between-you-and-me` stuff, the clincher at the end was when, through my friend, dad asked "I see you kept the knife" as a test i asked my friend to ask which one, `dad` said, "your grandads, the one with the two ivory sides, of which half the ivory has broken off each side". Yeah, I still have it.
Earlier my friend had said "your dad is sitting, pointing at something red by his side on the floor, he`s laughing, a family joke?" dad always had a red flask of tea by his chair, he also said " what about the red OXO tin under the floorboards in the front room, where the coins went" that was weeeeiird, during the early 70`s dad DID place a large red OXO tin under the floorboards in our home 200 miles away, where, he cut a hole in the floorboards so he could put 5-bob `Crowns` in there. there is more, too much to type, too much to explain, nevertheless, it was a great experience and as said, i have not pursued it, let sleeping dogs and all that........... of note, whilst my friend did his stuff, i kept almost quiet, no clues, nothing to `misconstrude`.
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by tucsonmike on 30 January 2008 2:06pm
It took a long time to pay attention to such things. I understand Wheelrim's point. I was raised by two scientific parents who see any of this as mumbo jumbo.

I do not really understand it, more just feelings.
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by Wild in Africa on 30 January 2008 3:04pm
I dunno. Why don't you read my mind and tell me!
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by Spursfan on 30 January 2008 3:33pm
That was really interesting Wheelrim - I got shivers up my spine reading it!

I haven't really had anything happen myself like that - though sometimes if I am stuck on a clue for a crossword or whatever and the word suddenly occurs to me out of the blue I wonder if it is my Dad.

My daughter used to go to a spiritulist church, and once she rang me and said they had said a lot of specific things to her that made her think it was her Nan 'coming through'. While she was telling me all this on the phone I got goosebumps. All the things she said were just like my Mom.

Slightly different but here's another thing that happened. My father's father had died years before, in the 1950's. My father was very ill in November 1980 and suddenly (according to my Mom) sat up, looked towards the window and said 'Hello Dad. What are you doing here?' and died.

Now. People say that your loved ones 'come and fetch' you. Is this what happened when Dad died?

I don't know, I'm an atheist, but it made me wonder!
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by canaveralgumby on 30 January 2008 7:23pm
I absolutely believe there are people who have the ability. Then there are scam artists like John Edward who screw it up for everybody!

The extent of my ability is, I get an old, obscure song in my head and then I hear it on the radio for the first time in decades. I'd LIKE to tell you I have powers to bring peace to the Middle East and save kittens from burning buildings, but NO.
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by canaveralgumby on 30 January 2008 7:40pm
I forgot ask MMMmmm if you've read anything by or about Edgar Cayce. I think you'd be interested.
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by Wheelrim on 30 January 2008 8:05pm
Further... not sure if I mentioned this one earlier? I was in Copenhagen when I was 21, with two mates, just bimbling around having a few beers, not familiar with the city, had no maps. we were in the RAF, off duty, and, that year was the year I applied to Join the Australian Air Force. Well, we got to a point in the city, a large fountain with a farmer and plough and two Bullocks pulling it, we sat on the edge of the fountain, me in the middle and got a passer by to take a photo.
A month or so later, back in England visiting my dad i showed him my photos, he looked at the fountain one, went to his suitcase in his bedroom and went through his photo`s, I was amazed when he pulled out a black and white picture of him, sitting in the middle of two mates, on the edge of the same fountain, when HE was 21.. better still, it was the year HE joined the Australian ARMY and spent 4 years at Kapooka barracks in Wagga Wagga! THAT, i think, is a coincidence!
Re: *What do people here think of psychic experiences...?* by mrsthing on 30 January 2008 8:36pm
I've had numerous psychic experiences, mostly concerning missing people. On more than half a dozen occasions, while praying for the safe recovery of a missing person I'd heard about in the news, I've "seen" exactly where they were and whether or not they were dead. I swear if it happens again, I'm going to make an effort to get in touch with the authorities. When Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped, I "saw" her in a box under a hill within sight of her home, but not dead. I didn't understand. But when she was rescued 9 months later, she said that her captors had kept her underground in a makeshift wooden room, on a hill from which she could see her house.

And once, I came home from work, saw a strange car in the driveway, and burst into wracking sobs. I took awhile to collect myself, then when I walked into the house, I saw my uncle, and it started all over again. He lived on a small island that he almost never left, but he'd come down from Maine with a friend to see the tall ships (1980) in Boston. I made the excuse that I'd seen an animal killed by a car on the way home and once again collected myself. But somehow, I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I'd never see my uncle alive again. My mother wanted to arrange a date to visit him, but I knew that would be like setting his death date. I tried to convince her to put it off, but she decided on coming up over the July 4th holiday. He died on June 18 of a massive coronary.

I can't tell you the number of times the phone has rung, and I've said who was calling, and was right. I've predicted several pregnancies before the mothers had even missed a period (including my own). And I somehow knew John Cleese was going to get a divorce about a month before it was announced! How weird is that?!

The scariest one, though, was the summer of 2001. I kept having a recurring dream of a plane flying over a big city on a beautiful day. But it was flying too low. I'd scream, "It's going to crash into the buildings!" but no one could hear me. Then I'd wake up shaking. There was a definite feeling that it was not an accident, that the pilot was intentionally flying too low in order to crash. All that summer, I was oppressed with feelings of doom and foreboding. On Sept. 11--a gorgeous, clear, sunny day--I was watching the news live when the second plane hit the WTC, and I knew I was watching my nightmare come true.

I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it!

I can't explain it. I've never particularly wanted this "gift" or tried to hone it. It just happens.
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