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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Full Circle: deleted scenes? by mrsthing on 3 February 2008 10:57pm
I haven't seen the entire series, but someone on YouTube says that this scene was deleted. I thought it was very funny. Michael and Eric chugging martinis on a rooftop terrace of a hotel in LA.

Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by elina on 4 February 2008 9:09am
Thanks for the link! It's lovely!
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by kisch on 4 February 2008 11:23am
Yes, this part is on DVD in "deleted scenes", absolutely lovely:))))
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by Holle on 4 February 2008 1:26pm
IMHO, the laughers are a bit forced, the two Ex-Pythons have obviously moved apart for miles meanwhile and haven't very much to say to each other anymore. Just think what great things Michael has done after the Python period, while Eric is still recycling old scripts and ideas. Eric is the only group member, who hasn't found a new track to follow after the end of MPFC and it makes me sad to see him compared with the others.
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by MMMmmm... on 4 February 2008 3:20pm
Maybe I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but makes me sad that you said that. To each their own, let be.
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by suzulu on 4 February 2008 3:26pm
Eric has done well for himself with 'Spamalot'.
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by Rox on 4 February 2008 4:11pm
I loved the deleted scenes on the DVD Full Circle. They are fabulous, some are hilarious some are so beautifully photographed. Michael staying at a Japanese guest house, having a "snack" prior to bed, being graciously served by a delightful Japanese women, who just kept the food coming.....hilarious scene, side splitting ! Another filmed on a river (somewhere)floating markets selling local fruit and vege. Beautiful photography and great scene as Michael is approached by flower sellers. Lovely one of Tibetan/Vietnamese pre school children showing their proud parents their dance steps, vague on the country, but the social commentary from Mr P is endearing and insightful which struck a chord within me....The deleted scenes on Full Circle are definately not to be missed....there's a stack of them.....G'day from WA :)
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by Holle on 4 February 2008 6:23pm
A few years ago the Python were offered a considerable sum of money for a reunion and doing an American tour with their old sketches and programs.
While Eric had the Dollar signs in his eyes and was very keen to do the tour, Michael refused. He said there is no point in doing it without any new material or progress. I have the deepest respect for Michael's decision to say "No" despite the easy to earn money. The Python stuff was great in its time and continues to draw new fans. But replaing it again and again and again just for the money would have ruined it completely afterwards. And that is exactly the point since Michael and Eric don't have to say much to each other anymore. But thanks again Michael for saying "No".
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by mrsthing on 4 February 2008 7:17pm
I have to agree that seeing a bunch of 60-year-old men attempting to relive their glory days would have been embarrassing and would have spoiled Python for most fans. I disliked most of the 30th anniversary special for that reason. They looked so old.....

I don't think Eric is just doing it for the money. I think he really loved Python and doesn't want it to die. Spamalot was a classy update of Python stuff, not just a revival or rehashing. Frankly, I thought any resemblance to the movie was all but circumstantial, but I liked the show anyway. And it showed that Eric's still got some creative steam in him.

To be honest, I like what Michael and John are doing better--they're both doing interesting things. But if Eric wants to keep the Python flame alive, that's fine too.

I thought the deleted scene was funny *because* it was just a couple of regular guys a bit flustered by the cameras and not quite knowing where to start without a script. I like the idea that my personal gods of comedy are really just normal people subject to the same awkwardness and embarrassment as everyone else.
Re: Full Circle: deleted scenes? by sanna75 on 7 February 2008 12:37am
It was me who uploaded that clip :-)

I don't think they looked like they where struggeling. I think they acted liek they always act when they're together. 2 very good friends who's known eachother half their lifes who had a good time talking and laughing with eachother and remembering good times. Didn't see anything forced or awkward with it at all
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