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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sillius Versus... Drinkus by MMMmmm... on 5 June 2008 1:35am

It really means quite nothing at all - apart from describing a bit how nonsensical I am feeling... I thought it would make a nice match with Silly Drinking Verse in the thread titles...

So this can be a sensible, or completely, nonsensible thread... or both... anything goes!
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by MMMmmm... on 5 June 2008 1:42am
May I pour you more stream of consciousness, madame...?
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by johnnythemonkey on 5 June 2008 1:52am
Nice to see we have another lunatic onboard, we can do with some laughs here !

Cogito, ergo doleo.
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by mrsthing on 5 June 2008 1:46pm
"I think, therefore I hurt"?

Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by tucsonmike on 5 June 2008 2:05pm
Show me the way to go home,
I'm tired and I wanna go to bed,
I had a little drink about an hour ago,
And it went right to my head.
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by suzulu on 5 June 2008 2:32pm
Mike, that song reminds me that we sang it like this when we were young (somebody - I don't know who - was trying to be clever):

Indicate the way to my abode
I'm fatigued and I want to go to slumberland
I had a little refreshment 60 minutes ago
And it's gone right to my cranium.
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by geordiegirl on 5 June 2008 6:42pm
Have nothing original in the way of drinking songs but a Temperance Song by Mrs.Pankhurst (yes, that one) always creases us up, starts:

"Emmy, dear, it's cold outside & snowing. Why don't you go home?"

Emmy: "I HAVE no home" (breaks intoi about 6 verses dealing with the demon drink, always finishing with nthe chorus

"For Father is a drunkard and Mother is dead".

Hm. Loses something on the page, perhaps!
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by MMMmmm... on 5 June 2008 11:46pm
It's all-good, geordiegirl! It's anything goes! That's the beauty of it!

Today I met a charming wee lad and his mum at the natural food co-op. He first piqued my interest by asking if the song playing was David Bowie (It was Deee-Lite's "Groove Is in the Heart"). He must have been about 6, so I was quite impressed. There was all sorts of talk about underwear heroes and head-butting, he knew many of the states from Washington to Alabama, and all inbetween... he brought up the city of Chicago, and asked about it, his mum told him how she went to a Marc Chagall museum there, or saw some of his work, and the boy asked... "Did you see John McCain there?" It was a very funny sequence to hear coming out of this little boy's mouth... I told his mother it was fun to listen to a beautiful mind - I can't do it justice here, really... And that she had one too :)
(You should have seen his face when he asked and she told him if he were a girl, he would have been named Nathalia... priceless!) I said "I think you're glad that didn't happen," and smiled... I believe his name was Elijah. He had deep red hair like his mum, and knew about things Irish and Scottish too...
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by TERRY S on 6 June 2008 12:11am
How about this sillius versus:

Two white shirts on a washing line,
Were flapping high and drying,
When on the wash line next to them,
A small sock started crying.
As it's tears fell to the ground,
Like raindrops pitter-patter,
A shirt said, "Why are you weeping,Sock?
Whatever is the matter?"
"I'm sorry", sniffed the sock,
Looking from one shirt to the other,
"But how would you feel if the wind had just carried of your brother?!".

Also, two silly(but great)quotes:

Michael in Latvia: "It's a bit difficult to dance when you have a National Forest on your head".

Tom Baker(I think): Stands to reason? Stands to reason? Silly expression, stands to reason. Why not lay down to reason? Much easier to reason laying down.
Re: Sillius Versus... Drinkus by johnnythemonkey on 6 June 2008 4:41am
mrsthing, the translation of 'cogito, ergo doleo ', actually reads, 'I think, therefore I'm depressed '.
Maybe I should stop thinking.
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