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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by sighthound on 5 June 2008 5:44pm
OK, here's a chance for our London friends to have tea with Michael. Pull out your check books, crack open your piggy banks, up your credit card limit and bid....

Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by geordiegirl on 5 June 2008 6:36pm
I couldn't access this, geraldine, but I'm guessing it's some kind of 'auction' where the highest bidder gets the prize.

Serious money will be bid here & i couldn't compete - but don't rreally want to as a) I've sent them a small amount of money anyway (the charity) and b) they've both signed books for me in person so I've spoken to them both.

Very good they are doing this, though - it's very local to where they live: A. Bennett (this is well known, giving no secrets away!) lives in Gloucester Crescent, one of the most solid & full of writers in Hampstead & MP lives not far away.

Alas, the Roundhouse, says a friend of mine who used to hand out its money as a Camden-council officer, has never even remotely paid its way, over about 40 years, usually bankrupting somebody in the process.

Thanks for putting this here, G.
Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by sighthound on 5 June 2008 7:07pm
How very weird. The link was working 20 minutes ago and I still have the article up on my computer. You're right. Here's what it said:

"Usually a rather reclusive figure, Alan Bennett has donated the prize of "an afternoon of scintillating conversation over a steaming pot of tea and cake" with him and his chum Michael Palin for a charity auction in London next week.
The Rock & Roll Circus Gala is to raise funds for the Roundhouse, the celebrated arts venue in Camden Town.

"I admire the particular efforts the Roundhouse has made in involving young people and providing studio space for their activities," Palin tells Mandrake.

"I look forward to taking tea with Alan and the lucky, or unlucky, auction winners who will keep us company. Alan and I have not yet decided who'll be mother."

Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by kisch on 6 June 2008 7:52am
That'd be fun to have tea with the guys !
Roundhouse used to be a very important venue in the old days (I've read about it of course, as I'm a great fan of British pop/rock). Every time I'm in London I want to go there and see it and make a picture, but I forgot 5 times already. Next time, I promise !!
Thank you for the news, G. !! I'm very impressed how our hero is always doing something.
Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by Spursfan on 6 June 2008 10:10am
I used to go regularly to the Sunday night things at the Roundhouse in the very early 70s.

Can't remember who we saw as it was more of a meeting place for 'heads' - the bands were incidental.

I do remember sitting on stone steps to watch the bands and having people like David Essex and the guys from Hawkwind sitting nearby but being far too 'cool' to go over and talk to them....

They sold what we would call today 'hippy clothing' and things like that - needless to say it was also full of dope!!

The Doors played there in the 60s but that was before my time unfortunately - damn damn damn as Jim is my god.

Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by johnnythemonkey on 6 June 2008 12:45pm
Ah, Jim Morrison. I should've seen The Doors in the Isle of Wight in 1970 but my mum would'nt let my brother take me. It all seemed too corruptive to her in those halcyon days.
Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by geordiegirl on 6 June 2008 1:23pm

Yes, the RH hosted some very significant gigs, it has a great history (most recently the complete cycle of Shakespeare's History Plays) - but, alas, the finances defeat everyone!
Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by Rox on 6 June 2008 2:03pm
........ Welcome back again Anne, glad to see your posting about too..... :)
I remember the Roundhouse days too, never went there though but wish I had and I LOVED David Essex.......saw him once on a plane and in the airport ! Thanks for reminding me about Hawkwind, Anne, I had forgotten about them.....I used to live in Southend on Sea, in the days when Genesis were just starting out and playing at the local !
Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by kazzzz on 6 June 2008 2:06pm
Um I wear 'hippy clothing' but absolutely loathe dope!!
Re: Tea with MP and Alan Bennett by Rox on 6 June 2008 2:11pm
Hey Karen, I don't wear hippy clothing, but in those days I did, have always hated dope,,,,,,but I loved my mock fur coat, headband, and ALWAYS carried my Black Sabbath LP under my arm and had a special style of walk.....lol.....I also went to see OSIBISA, who are an amazing band.
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