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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by canaveralgumby on 28 October 2008 3:20pm

This is how the rest of the world sees the USA, isn't it? Skinhead teenage kids fantasizing about assassinating Obama, and a proud parent handing his 8 yr old an Uzi. And oh yeah, President B*st*rd A**hole is trying his damnedest to create an "October Surprise" in Pakistan or Syria.

I feel that there isn't enough water to wash yesterday's news off me.
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by mrsteabag on 28 October 2008 6:01pm
Good Lord, I am so with you! Sometimes I want to start a website so the rest of the world can see that we're not all like that! Why do I have this sick feeling that President Bleepwit and Company know where Bin Ladin is hiding and are waiting to haul him in until next Monday?
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by Ginnyp on 28 October 2008 11:13pm
What if Osama bin Laden had been dead for a few years already?
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by mrsthing on 29 October 2008 12:01am
Al Qaeda isn't going to fall apart if Osama bin Laden is caught and executed, any more than America was going to fall apart because they attacked us on 9/11/01. I'm sure they have a well-defined chain of command, with lots of people trained to take their places at a moment's notice should one of them fall. So finding Osama bin Laden is just symbolic, now.

I am sorry for that child. What on earth his father and the gun dealer thought they were doing giving a gun that size to an 8-year-old is beyond me.
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by perfectbitch on 29 October 2008 9:13am
The stupidity of some parents never ceases to appall me. Recently in the UK, a young girl (I think she was about 7) was killed because her father allowed her to ride her new quadbike on the public highway.

Don't despair cori. Although the US is ill thought of by many, it is also revered and very attractive to numerous folk. Quite a number of immigrants to the UK (especially from Africa and new Europe) would really prefer to live in the US. When I was teaching 12 year olds in Istanbul, they were disappointed that I wasn't a US English speaker - America was a dream destination for them.

All good luck to the US through this election and the economic crisis.


Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by bIG bLOGGER on 29 October 2008 3:27pm
Has nobody thought to ask why this event was held in the first place:The Westfield(Mass.)"Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo"..labelled a "gun fair",where folks could receive instruction in learning how to fire small handguns,but also(incredibly) automatic machine guns.An advertisement lauded it as "FULL AUTO ROCK AND ROLL",as if gun owning and shooting is where it's at,man...smacks of blatant glamorisation of guns,if you ask me.
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by mrsthing on 29 October 2008 11:17pm
You're surprised by that, bIG? That's the American way in a lot of places. Weenies like me who disapprove of sport hunting and "protection" guns are considered pains in the butt.

Have you seen "Bowling for Columbine", Michael Moore's documentary on gun violence in America? It's really good, and would help you understand the mindset a bit better.
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by bIG bLOGGER on 30 October 2008 4:05pm
mrsthing:Yeah,judy,I HAVE seen the Documentary "Bowling For Columbine",and I can tell you I have been a big fan of Michael Moore for several years.It is a worthy piece of work,although Moore has gotten some flak for choosing his material and his interviewees rather narrowly to back up his point-of-view. I suppose you could say that you cannot account for all these 'school' shootings merely by pointing to the easy availability of guns,but Moore made a rather telling point by opening a bank account and being given a gift of a free rifle!(Funny,but also scary)
I confess that,not living in America(as you do),I find I struggle to comprehend the American mindset with regard to gun ownership.
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by geordiegirl on 30 October 2008 5:22pm
No, Cori, don't beat yourself up. As everyone says, US is admired worldwide for so many things.

All countries big & little have these appalling incidents. One among many (no cynicism intended) - and so many good things from US.

Paul Newman, remember?
Re: 8 yr old shoots self, dies at "gun show" by mrsthing on 30 October 2008 8:16pm
But Moore said it wasn't about the easy availablity of guns OR gun ownership--it's about fear. Canadians own more guns per capita than Americans do, but gun *crime* is a fraction there of what it is here. It has to do with the government trying to keep us in line with keeping us afraid.

No bank in New England would give away a free gun when you open a bank account. That's definitely not a national thing. And since Columbine, we've been almost too much the other way. Kids aren't allowed to play with toy guns or even point a finger at another child and say "bang". Schools have suspended kids as young as 4 years old for that behavior. Any kind of verbal abuse is considered bullying and is punished by suspension and/or mandatory counseling. The daughter of a friend was arrested--arrested!--for defending herself when she was attacked by two other girls. Hauled down to the police station and booked for assault. The other two girls even admitted she'd done nothing to provoke them and was only defending herself, but she still has a police record now.

Yes, the US has done a lot of good in the world that few other nations had the resources to do. And it's a beautiful country. And we've got John Cleese part time. ;-) But I hope we can lose this self-sustaining fear culture.
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