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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Monty Hall's Great Escape by Spursfan on 9 March 2009 7:41pm
Anyone watch this wonderful BBC2 programme (series of 5 programmes, first 2 were Saturday and Sunday nights)?

Basically, marine biologist and professional diver Monty Halls turns his back on city life to become a 21st century beachcomber on the west coast of Scotland.

It is a wonderful programme and his dog Reuben, who he got from a rescue place days before he moved north, is a delight!! Zak and I are watching out through the whole programme for Reuben's escapades!

Apart from hiding my eyes when he kills some languistines for the bbq (and dreading the inevitable happening to the pigs - funnily enough I love blood and gore movies UNLESS they happen to animals. On a fairly recent cookery programme (think it was Gordon Ramsey) the chef had to learn to cook eel and had to chop their heads off whilst alive. I had to hide my eyes !) I absolutely loved this programme!

If you are UK based and haven't seen it yet, tune in for the next episode which I assume is next Saturday night.

I totally recommend it.

Oh and his quotes are sometimes funny too like "I'm not some survival expert who can rub two squirrels together and make a fire and knit my own pants from kelp" !!


Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by peripatetically on 9 March 2009 10:39pm
Oh, that sounds like a great program.... A combination of two things I love----Scotland and doggies!
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by bIG bLOGGER on 10 March 2009 4:13pm
Spursfan: a query:--
a man who thinks if you "rub 2 squirrels together",you can make fire? (I think I should inform the RSPCA about that)
a man who thinks he can make his own trousers out of raw seaweed??
...this man needs more than kelp..he needs HELP! ..and quickly! ..he is clearly right off his head!!
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by mrsthing on 11 March 2009 1:16am
The only Monty Hall I know was the host of "Let's Make a Deal". LOL

The show sounds interesting.
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by kazzzz on 11 March 2009 6:25am
It sure does. Everyone knows that badgers are more flammable that squirrels though.
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by Spursfan on 11 March 2009 9:09am
b-b: I am quite sure that you know really that he was joking, but 'just in case' - he was merely making the point that he was no Ray Mears or whatever.
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by kazzzz on 11 March 2009 1:21pm
Yes and anyway squirrels are inherently evil, at least the one that got into my handbag in Holland Park and nicked my cappucino KitKat was.
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by Spursfan on 11 March 2009 2:58pm
Yes, I have them well trained, don't I?!

Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by peripatetically on 11 March 2009 5:02pm
during the first 4 eyars we lived in this ghouse we had a squirrel who befriended us and waited daily at elast 3 tiems a day for sncks. of course it was always peanuts. he'd sit next to us and take them right out of our fingertips. We named him/her Nick because she ahd a small tear in her ear. I say "him /her because we didn't give it's sex much thought until one day we saw a male who really displayed what males look like in squirrels. Our little Nuick wasn't built like THAT!! lol : ) But anyway, she was very tame and the other squirrels knew she had advantages. One day, after many years of being the dominant and favored squirrel, I saw two other squirrels railroad her under fire logs and I think they killed her. She ambushed in there. I had to stop watching after I realized it wasn't just a playful chase. We haven't seen her since. It upset me and made me sad. I feel partly responsible for her demise.
Re: Monty Hall's Great Escape by kazzzz on 12 March 2009 1:57am
Anne give me back that KitKat NOW!!!!!
Aw Pats that's nature isn't it? I remember a few years ago Ray's dog caught a squirrel in the back yard and killed it, it was horrible.My cat caught a native Australian rat yesterday (they're not nasty rats, more like a tiny marsupially thing) and injured it, I don't know if it survived or not, it's really upsetting. It had an injured leg but it got away into the long grass. Thought about it all night.
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