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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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AIG by tucsonmike on 18 March 2009 1:08pm
Can you imagine, the nerve of these guys? Maybe it is stipulated in their contracts to receive bonuses, but a little common sense would be nice...
Re: AIG by peripatetically on 18 March 2009 4:14pm
It is my opinion that the administration knew about this before they doled the money out to them. Sen. Dodd has received contributions from AIG in the past so he probably knew it as well as the rest of them in D.C. Now all of a sudden, they act like they were in the dark. I don't buy it.
Re: AIG by mrsthing on 19 March 2009 2:20pm
Me neither. I think they're reverse engineering their outrage to save face with the American public, some of whom will never see a million dollars as long as they live, let alone work for a company that has $165 million dollars to hand out in BONUSES!

I hear some of the recipients are voluntarily returning their bonuses, nqa. My husband cynically (and probably correctly) commented that if this goes to court, the names and addresses of all the plaintiffs--everyone who got a bonus--would be made public, and they fear reprisals from angry citizens.

If any of these people knew what it was like to be raising kids and living from paycheck to paycheck...
Re: AIG by mrsteabag on 21 March 2009 1:07am
Forgive my vulgarity, but how in the world can someone have their head that far up an unspeakable place and still breathe?
Re: AIG by peripatetically on 21 March 2009 12:11pm
And now Obama is targeting individuals to get the money back. Is that constitutional? If he gets away with this, I fear for the USA and democracy itself.
Re: AIG by mrsteabag on 23 March 2009 3:28pm
Didja hear that over the weekend a bus tour went to the homes of AIG executive in Connecticut and passed out flyers suggesting that they give the money back.
Re: AIG by mrsthing on 23 March 2009 5:30pm
How do I miss these things? I know I've been avoiding the news (anxiety attacks), but stuff like this has a way of trickling through anyway. I even LIVE in Connecticut, and it wasn't in the newspapers.

It's a real mess--I've been reading some stuff about the bonuses (contracted, so they had to be given out), and about AIG. We can't let AIG go down, or it'll start a domino effect that'll make the current economic crisis look like a walk in the park.

And Obama is screwed no matter what he does. Not a good time, but maybe it's getting better.
Re: AIG by tucsonmike on 23 March 2009 7:31pm
I went to a baseball game yesterday, and there was a kid in the stands with a Manchester United shirt that said AIG on it. Everyone in the stands was teasing him and he didn't have a clue as to why.
Re: AIG by peripatetically on 24 March 2009 12:31am
Yes, it was on the news, Mrsteabag. My gripe is that Congress and Obama more than likely knew about the pre-promised bonuses.

No, we shouldn't let AIG go down, Judy. But the bonuses wouldn't keep it afloat. That money was going into executive pockets not the business.
Re: AIG by mrsthing on 24 March 2009 12:46pm
Yeah, I know the bonuses were lining executive pockets. But apparently, AIG was under legal contract to give the execs those bonuses, so there would have had to have been some legal wrangling to change the contracts, which the execs or the gov't would have had to initiate on their own.

But yeah, the whole "Congress is appalled!" bit smacks of CYA, big time!
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