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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 18 March 2009 8:36pm
On Sunday 22nd March 2009, a memorial stone will be unveiled at the site of a prestigious battle in the English Civil War - and yours truly will be there (all being well)!!

It was the battle of Hopton Heath, 19th March 1643.

The site of the battle is actually just up the road from me and is actually on land belonging to a farmer who lives at the end of our lane, but is on M.O.D. property. He is a guest of honour he was telling us!! They must have struck a good deal with him as he has opposed this for many years, mainly because of all the extra people it will cause to traipse over his land.

In attendance on Sunday (besides the farmer and us!!) will be Hugo Gell descendant of Sir John Gell who was the leader of the parlimentarian troops, and the Marquis of Northampton descendant of the Earl of Northampton who was leader of the Royalists at the battle.

They are apparently to be asked "to shake hands, 366 years after their ancestors were opposing commanders on the field of battle".

This is the best link at the moment I can find, and if you scroll down you will see an itinery for the day.

It is going to be covered by press and TV so afterwards there should be better links. Hopefully I will have a photo or two to share too.

We are hoping to take Tosun with us but I am worried what he will think of 'a cannonade' and all the drum rolls, knowing how scared he is of bangs!! :(


Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by peripatetically on 18 March 2009 11:19pm
I wouldn't take him. But if you do, you better keep him leashed. Our neighbor's dog ran out the door when it heard thunder in the distance and they were never able to find him. People everywhere in the county knew about him being gone but there was never a sign of him. Our vet set he likely ran so fast and so hard that he died. It's a heartbreak but of course, the vet never said that to the owners. They still hold out hope but mourn at the same time. It's been a good 4 years now.

Our Willy would go absolutely crazy. He doesn't even like someone to drop a spoon on the floor, much less thunder or fireworks. He goes berserk and there's not a thing anything can do to help him. Sometimes it scares me so much that he'll just die of fright.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 19 March 2009 1:06pm
Thank you Pats - we have decided to take him to the people who look after him when we're away (they love him almost as much as we do and he adores them). We were going to take him to them afterwards anyway, as we are going to our son's for a meal (it will be Mother's Day!!) and they have cats - he'd be stuck in the car otherwise and we will NOT leave him at home!

So I am relieved now because I know he will be safe - I can just enjoy the occasion.

Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by kazzzz on 19 March 2009 1:10pm
I reckon you should go along Anne, and start a feud :)
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by tucsonmike on 19 March 2009 1:16pm
The event sounds interesting. I remember a BBC TV series called, By The Sword, Divided about the English Civil War. Some of the divisions in the American Civil War were reminiscent of the English Civil War.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 19 March 2009 2:31pm
Should I Kazzzz? Shall I start an argument between Gell and Northampton?

Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 19 March 2009 2:32pm
Mike if you ever manage to visit us on your book-signing tour the husband and I (and Tosun) will take you to see the Memorial Stone personally!!

Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by geordiegirl on 19 March 2009 2:35pm
Oooh, enjoyt that, Anne. Good community event & I LIKE the Civil War, the Parliemantarians won!

Did you watch 'The Devil's Whore'? Good series.
Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by Spursfan on 19 March 2009 2:55pm
Yes I did.

Today is the 366th anniversary of the Battle of Hopton Heath.


Re: Battle of Hopton Heath by suzulu on 19 March 2009 5:30pm
Sounds interesting. Enjoy! Maybe you should take Tosun with you in case you do start a feud! :)
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