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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Phew - Tosun!! by Spursfan on 1 April 2009 2:42pm
Tosun came back from his lunchtime walk across the fields with his Dad - stinking !!

He had (off the lead of course) found some horse doo-doos and before the husband could stop him, rolled in it!!

If we can help it we don't bath him (it takes the natural oils away from his coat) but use the dog wipes you can get.

They are quite thick and have aloe vera on but it took 2 wipes (giving him a good scrub over each time) and he STILL stinks a bit!!


Re: Phew - Tosun!! by Lounge Trekker on 1 April 2009 3:54pm
Oh, poor you, Anne. Did he eat any?

I have Luca for a few weeks and yesterday he got ahead of me on the beach and rolled in a dead seal. He's been washed and wiped a few times but is still rather aromatic. Still a lot of fun at the beach!

I'll post a picture of us.

Lounge Dog-sitter
Re: Phew - Tosun!! by mrsteabag on 1 April 2009 4:21pm
Oh, ...nothing like a good shot of eau de m*##* to liven up the day. Orion rolled in goose poo. then he came in before I realized that it wasn't just mud on his coat. He wanted to hop up on the sofa. I wrapped him in an old towel and made an emergency run to the shop with the self wash tub.
Another time, I was returning from a trip. Mr. Teabag and Orion came to pick me up. Orion was wearing Mr. Teabag's Aramis. They'd been at the park when Orion found a dead fish and, well, you know...
Re: Phew - Tosun!! by Spursfan on 1 April 2009 4:32pm
Hahahaha re all your tales (tails?)!!

No he didn't eat any, Pete. BUT he had to get into the car afterwards as the husband took him a walk on the way back from town. The car is apparently somewhat 'aromatic' as you put it - and we are off tonight for a meal at a local Turkish restaurant (paid for by our son and daughter-in-law to celebrate the husband's 60th birthday today). I just hope it doesn't permeate our gladrags!!!

It is nice to have plenty of room in a restaurant but I don't want to clear the joint!!!


Re: Phew - Tosun!! by Spursfan on 1 April 2009 4:35pm
Oh you have reminded me also Pete that once when we were walking him in the fields there was a dead rabbit on the path and of course Tosun thought it would be the most wonderful thing in the world to roll in !! Luckily we were close enough to prevent it!!

Re: Phew - Tosun!! by canaveralgumby on 1 April 2009 4:45pm
My Dad wore Aramis. *sigh* Happy sense memory. ANYWAY. Sometimes you really DO have to break down and give the dogs a full-fledged bath, it won't kill 'em. Tosun may continue to smell a little, but at least he can be sanitary enough to be in and around the house.
Re: Phew - Tosun!! by Lounge Trekker on 1 April 2009 4:45pm
I had more than a few of these experiences with Bruno as he was always off-leash. Seal is about as bad as it can get from my experience. Luca would have listened to me and kept out of it if I saw him on time ("So it's my fault!" *spanks his own butt*, "you naughty, naughty boy!" - J. Cleese in Fawlty Towers)

I don't know if this is what taught Bruno to stay out of stinky stuff, but I'd threaten him with a bath immediately. He would look at me with an expression I thought meant he understood me.

I got that stinky seal all over me yesterday. I don't worry about getting wet or dirty after having a big dog for over 9 years. I still love having Luca around, smelly as he is right now.

Lounge Stinker
Re: Phew - Tosun!! by mrsthing on 1 April 2009 7:59pm
You're lucky it wasn't SKUNK!
Re: Phew - Tosun!! by Lounge Trekker on 2 April 2009 2:36am
Haven't had a dog sprayed but, yep...skunk is pretty rude. Seal is not as noxious but stays around for a long time. Without soaping and scrubbing the dog several times, better to just go to the beach and play stick a few days in a row. If you're worried about your house smelling, sleep the dog in the garage.

Big-dog Trekker
Re: Phew - Tosun!! by peripatetically on 2 April 2009 3:18am
Anne, we feel the same way about Willy. We don't bathe him either and he's as clean as can be. He's never rolled in anything quite as bad as what Tosun has found, but he likes to roll on worms and bugs. A lot of times the worms have recently squirmed out of the soil after the rain and still alive. A few times he has mashed them on his coat, but we have some wipes which we use, too.

Poor Tosun, I hope he begins to have a more fragrant aroma real soon!
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