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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by bIG bLOGGER on 4 April 2009 3:46pm
I'm curious to know what Americans think of our great British,sorry Scottish,Leader?
Do you see him as grey (gray) awkward,and a tedious dullard of a speaker?
Maybe,maybe not,--but did you know that at this week's G20 Summit Conference in London he saved the world? --Yes,it's true,so he must be some kind of major dude for real.
It's a wonder to me how he manages to remain so modest considering all his amazing achievements.

On the same subject,more-or-less,if your President Obama has cleared off on a tour of nations for a whole fortnight,WHO exactly is running America? Surely it can't be that Hillary Clinton,can it?
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by mrsthing on 4 April 2009 4:01pm
Sadly, most of us haven't a clue who he is.

Nobody runs America when the President is out of town. It's total chaos here.
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by Lounge Trekker on 4 April 2009 4:08pm
Yeah, if he wants global recognition he could insist on being called Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Without the title he could be any Gordon Brown. I can't even keep track of who is the King of Canada.

Blindered Trekker
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by geordiegirl on 4 April 2009 5:45pm
Yes Peter if only it could translate to votes in 2010. But I have my doubts there.

personally, I think he's played a blinder since it all started to go t**s up but I'm prejudiced i suppose
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by peripatetically on 4 April 2009 11:11pm
I know his name and heritage but nothing about him or his policies.
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by sighthound on 5 April 2009 12:07am
Seems to me that Brown has done absolutely nothing to establish himself on the international stage. That's not bad if he is doing great things on his national stage. Is he?
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by Miss-M on 5 April 2009 7:39am
Has anybody seen "The Deal", a British telemovie about the relationship between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair? Michael Sheen plays Tony Blair. Fascinating stuff.
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by kazzzz on 5 April 2009 9:05am
Why do you just weant to know what Americans think, BB?
Interested in any other nation's opinions at all?
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by bIG bLOGGER on 5 April 2009 2:19pm
Sincere apologies,kazzzz.

I certainly didn't mean to marginalise your great nation of Australia. Of course I am interested in what Australians think of Gordon,just as you lot are vitally keen to know what we British think of your PM Kevin Rudd.

I have not seen the telemovie "The Deal",but I think it refers back to a secret agreement forged in a London restaurant called GRANITA. Gordon B. agreed not to cause problems for Tony Blair's PM-ship on condition that TB named Gordon as his successor. Which he did..so,they should both be happy,but there has been a lot of muttering about this so-called "Deal".
I think Michael Sheen plays Tony Blair to perfection,and he is now making his third movie playing Tony Blair.

It was not only at the G20 that GB was hailed as "saviour of the world". Previously,at a session of PMQ-Time in the Commons,speaking at the Dispatch Box,he let slip that he had "saved the world" when he meant to say he had "saved the banks". This caused a lot of guffawing and taunting from the Tory benches.
Critics said they thought this belied his thinking and he was only interested in grandstanding on the world stage, rather than saving small businesses at home,which are still going to the wall in alarming numbers.
Re: GORDON BROWN....saviour of the world by geordiegirl on 5 April 2009 2:28pm
You're right, Peter & to explain a little further, Patty - Gordon Brown is Obama under another name. They really do agree on lots, and didn't somebody call Obama 'America's first Socialist President'?

Geraldine, this last G20 has put Gordon B. more firmly on the international map. He's had praise from everyone involved about how he's put it all together: and apparently he chaired it really well (he's very good on detail) - its success is so much due to him. So let's hope this raises his standing, he deserves it.
(Politicians as a class are going through a very bad patch in UK at the moment- there are issues about their allowed expenses & how they are used. So Gordon is no more popukar than any other just now.)
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