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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Italian Earthquake... by bIG bLOGGER on 6 April 2009 4:38pm
Italy has suffered its first major earthquake since October 2002,when 27 Italian schoolchildren were killed in a 'quake measuring 5.3 on Richter scale. This 'quake measured 6.3,and reports say already 100 people are feared dead,and many more buried under rubble,mostly in the Abruzzo region,60 miles north-east of the Capitol,Rome.

Several local towns and villages were flattened,churches,homes,etc.came crashing down while residents were peacefully sleeping.

They say that : "Rome wasn't built in a day" --but if the earthquake had been centred 60 miles towards the south-west,it could conceivably have been destroyed in one night.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by suzulu on 7 April 2009 1:25pm
It's very sad. There have been so many earthquakes lately.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by tucsonmike on 7 April 2009 2:05pm
The entire middle of Italy is on an earthquake fault. I was watching this on BBC America last night. BBC showed a computer map of how many tremors there are running down the middle of the peninsula.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by canaveralgumby on 7 April 2009 3:35pm
"They say" - I saw this on a Discovery Channel-type doc - that emotionally, earthquakes are THE WORST thing that happens to humans, of all the natural disasters, this is the most psychologically devastating. We often use the figurative term "the earth went out from under me" when describing a trauma.

The doc I watched focused on earthquake victims in South America. People had gone through the rest of their lives with their nerves shot, had lost their sense of trust and could never feel secure. Some decades after the event. "They" compared it to people who had been through hurricanes, fires, et al. Generally over time people had gotten over the fright and the loss from the other things, and had moved on in time.

We are just oriented as land animals in gravity that the ground will be the one constant, no matter what else happens "around" us.

Well, let's scrape together some help for the Italian Red Cross.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by bIG bLOGGER on 7 April 2009 3:35pm
Yes,tucsonmike,there is a long fault-line running right the middle of Italy along the Apennine mountain chain.

The epicenter was under the town of L'Aquila. This town of L'Aquila had been destroyed before in a 'quake in 1461,and was also badly affected by Italy's worst-on-record earthquake of 1703,in which 6,000 people perished.

The most recent deadly 'quake disaster in Italy was in 1980,when 3,000 died in Naples.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by Ken Dunn on 7 April 2009 10:09pm
It is a disaster and L'Aquila contains an earthquake monitoring station with aftershocks still occurring.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by kazzzz on 8 April 2009 9:40am
Just terrible, it must be just heartbreaking for those who have lost loved ones.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by peripatetically on 8 April 2009 1:25pm
Just awful, alright...
Re: Italian Earthquake... by elina on 8 April 2009 4:52pm
Very tragic. I wish all the best for everyone at the area.
Re: Italian Earthquake... by canaveralgumby on 8 April 2009 5:18pm
This is just a point of trivia, I don't mean to pick on the victims.

This region has experienced these earthquakes repeatedly through history but the area continues to be resettled. Is the land very arable?

I belong to the school of thought that New Orleans, AT THE SITE WHERE IT EXISTS NOW, should NOT be rebuilt. Historic buildings can be moved, and I think they should rebuild the city NORTH, on solid ground.

We're like little ants, we automatically rebuild our hills where they keep getting stepped on.

Of course anything can happen anywhere. The spirit of humans is to take great risk for, sometimes, great reward.

Okay, well, I've rambled a bit there...
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