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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Message for Haba-Haba by Louise on 1 November 2002 6:33pm
Hi - I have a spare copy of the biography "Michael Palin" by Jonathan Margolis I can give you. Email me ...
[email protected]
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by Dianne on 4 November 2002 6:44am
How about a copy of the man himself? Not Jonathan Margolis, but Michael Palin in case you were confused. Although I doubt you were, Louise. :-)
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by paloma on 4 November 2002 6:07pm
I don't know whether Haba-Haba has emailed you or not...If he hasn't showed signs of life, I would be interested in the man...the book, I mean :)
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by Haba-Haba on 5 November 2002 11:44am
A lot of "thanks-thanks-thanks-thanks etc." to all of you for the replies! Unfortunately, I've got them only today, and, to tell the truth, yesterday I was extremelly sad because of the absence of reactions, but today's morning has corrected everything! You know, it's so nice to communicate with people who are interested in the same things you are. And when they can give you useful information - oh, "super, super":) I've recently discovered for myself pythonline.com and spend all my free time reading all the articles there. And - decided - as soon as I get my "foreign passport" I fly to London!!!
Have a nice day!
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by ellenpc on 5 November 2002 12:41pm
Hi Haba Haba,
Thinking of you in Moscow watching all that Monty Python; can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday!

Enjoy,enjoy, nudge, nudge,wink, wink, say no more :-}}}}}}

Re: Message for Haba-Haba by paloma on 5 November 2002 1:11pm
That's why I love the internet!! People (loonies, I'd rather say) from Russia, England, France, NZ, Spain...lusting after the most intrepid traveler "de nous jours"
Since this amazing site was launched, I'm obsessed with flying to London (and with shoe size as well ) ;-) I guess we'll have to arrange a meeting there as soon as possible!
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by Haba-Haba on 5 November 2002 2:14pm
Hi, Ellen! Quite agree with you about
spending Sundays with Monty Python. By the way, about "nudge, nudge". These words (with proper intonations, of course), as well as "Albatross!", "the Larch", "Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition" have become constant part of our everyday life. Something like "a-set-of-reactions-for-any-situation". Of course, not for using it with boss...:)
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by Haba-Haba on 5 November 2002 2:35pm
Hi, Paloma! As I can see, you are a very active member of The Chatter Box:), nice to meet you. I wish I could see you in reality, namely, in London, but there is only problem with my passport: it usually takes about a month to get a foreign passport, and I'm going to give them my documents only tomorrow. So, London is available for me not earlier than in the middle of December:(. By the way, a friend of mine is going to London next week, on the 17th of Nov. If you are so lucky as to be here this time, you may arrange a meeting with her: it was she who "provide" me with Pythonomania:) If you wish, just tell...mean, send a message:).
Re: Sitting and waiting for... by Haba-Haba on 5 November 2002 4:14pm
Dear Louise, I have sent you a letter and ask if you would, please, answer me in any case. Never mind if the answer will be positive or not:)
Re: Message for Haba-Haba by Helen on 5 November 2002 6:26pm
Pythonisms to the boss--now that could be fun.
what sort of reaction would you get if you burst into the boss's office and stated, with great urgency,
"One of the crossbeams has gone askew on the treadle!!!"
Just wondering.
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