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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re:am i strange? by little-peep on 2 November 2002 10:48pm
Thank u all those who answered my cry 4 help, i fell sooo much better!I can't believe how cool everyone is!!! ur all great!
p.s. If 'M.Palin' is really michael, sorry, i did not mean it was strange coz of u not being 'cool'etc, (totally untrue anyway), but the age difference...!
Re: Am i strange? by irishmanufan on 3 November 2002 5:11pm
although i am not 14 ( i am 27 !) i run a monty python yahoo group and i think i have a 14 year old member so unless it is you i know you are not alone . also there are a couple of 16 year olds too
Re: Am i strange? by Helen on 3 November 2002 5:44pm
little peep and Linda,
may I just say you have excellent taste in men. I'm and old fart of 35, and i think it's refreshing to see that not every young woman has the hots for eminem, vin diesel or Justin Timberlake.
For you Little peep, my story-- and good for you for having a healthy crush on the dashing Dr. Palin!
When I was 10, I was glued to channel 2 when the Flying Circus came on. MP was (and still is)my fave Python boy.
he wasn't 60 when I was 10, but he was a silly, older british guy. My parents wondered why I didn't hang Leif Garret or Shaun Cassidy posters in my room, and would say things like "Nobody expects the spanish inquistion!" when company visited. (my, what a strange 10 year old daughter you have, guests would whisper...)
be not ashamed, young one. I say scan in your favorite picture of him (maybe from Life of Brian-- with just a loin cloth?) and pin that bad boy up on your bedroom wall. If your parents become concerned, ask them if they would rather you have posters of 'n Sync. Or Eminem. Or marilyn manson.
that should get the point across.
Re: Am i strange? by Helen on 3 November 2002 6:02pm
Righty o. Nothing strange about it, then. Carry on.
Thank-you by little-peep on 3 November 2002 6:20pm
Re:am i strange? by ellenpc on 3 November 2002 11:12pm
Hi little-peep
Please see 'Re: Discovering The Website and Travels Closer to Home' for more evidence you are not alone. :-}}}}

Just out of interest, what shoe size are you???????? (See 'Re: Great Website' for that one)

Ellen ( 91/2 - 10 shoe )
Re:am i strange? by Dianne on 4 November 2002 4:59am
I'm beginning to believe you are obsessed with shoe size. :-)
Re:am i strange? by ellenpc on 4 November 2002 11:37am
Sorry Dianne, I'll TRY to behave, but I can't promise anything :-}

Ellen (************)
Re:am i strange? by Palinsick on 4 November 2002 7:12pm
No you just have excellent taste in men. I'm fairly ancient (27) but I've liked him for years and have been a Python fan for even longer.

Peace to all Palin fans.
Re:am i strange? by little-peep on 4 November 2002 10:23pm
Hi from little-peep. I have really small feet- size 4 for ur interest, ellen!
Why r u obsessed w. people's shoe size? love 2 talk, but i have homework-why oh why the torture?!!
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