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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Teachers and Classroom Management by Loretto on 7 March 2010 5:16pm
I don't know how many palinites are teachers, but the NY Times magazine did a fantastic article today on Doug Lemov's Taxonomy and Uncommon schools. I just ordered his book from Amazon.

If there are teachers, maybe you'd like to read the NY Times mag article here....
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by artofcp on 8 March 2010 2:22pm
I'm not a teacher, Loretto, but I found that article most interesting. I wonder where the answers are in this ongoing saga.
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by Loretto on 8 March 2010 4:43pm
I don't know artofcp, but there is a huge flap going on in the US about laying off entire schools of teachers because the students are failing consistently, I think there are three sides to the story, are the teachers able to teach? Are the students willing to learn? and how do we evaluate teaching and learning fairly across the board?
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by Amaia on 9 March 2010 6:58pm
I just read the article, and although it was quite interesting, I didn't find anything truly new in that...

I've been learning how to be a French teacher abroad for three years now. And I was told most of the "new" teaching techniques that this article talks about! but as I think the author said, it's a thing to learn how to do it, and another to actually go there and "perform"...

Plus, on the downside, it appears to me that, in Lemov's theory, the student doesn't really "count" as a free element. It seems that the teacher has to do everything and the pupil is supposed to follow... I understand that the purpose of school is for teachers to teach and for students to learn, but there should be a part where the student is active, and not passive anymore!
Getting someone attention is very good (and not easy with a 30 people class) but getting "inside their head" (sounds like Big Brother, sorry, but I couldn't find sth better) to understand what they didn't understand is something else...

Anyway, thx for sharing, Loretto!
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by Loretto on 9 March 2010 9:38pm
You are welcome! Teachers and Education have been in the news quite a bit in the USA, entire school staff have been laid off because the children were failing consistently, also a big problem in Lemov's theory is when are the students to be made accountable for not listening, tardiness in homework submission etc. I always say school is a preparation for the work place....I never knew a boss who said "Thanks for listening." Or even, "Don't worry about that report being late!"
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by kazzzz on 10 March 2010 7:07am
One of my very close friends is a primary school teacher. Very dedicated, amazing imagination with the kids, she's a mum too, wonderful with her kids, always creating and doing...oh and she's also a great friend and listener. Loves the outdoors and is always out with her kids showing them the world. The perfect person to teach primary aged kids it would seem.
One problem...she can't spell. Postcards I have received from her on holidays, birthday cards etc are full of the most basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by kazzzz on 10 March 2010 8:29am
She's not. Neither am I.
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by Loretto on 10 March 2010 12:47pm
I did my teacher training with a teacher who admitted she was a horrible speller, she carried a spell check in her pocket, I also bought one for my husband many years ago for Christmas. Teaching is a tough profession, and I think it is getting even tougher.
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by ev on 10 March 2010 1:16pm
There is one group who is always blatantly left out of discussions about education - the students!

The core of the problem is the attitude that education/learning is something that is done TO you, rather than something you are fully participating in. The students have next to no say in how their classes are conducted! Why not ask them how they think their classes could be improved? They've got brains, don't they?

I teach to adults, and they have heaps of problems with learning that have carried on even decades after school. School students are rarely taught how to actually learn effectively. They are just expected to absorb whatever the teacher tells them, and then regurgitate it at exams.
Re: Teachers and Classroom Management by Loretto on 11 March 2010 12:39am
I know, and there are better teaching methodologies being used now a days, but to be honest with you there are some students who just will not get it. So do we fire the teacher because the student didn't get it or do we just accept that not all students are supposed to go to third level education? And there is nothing wrong with being a carpenter, farmer, plumber etc. either.

I don't think it is fair to fire teachers, students need to be part of the equation of learning too.
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