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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Spursfan on 7 January 2011 11:05am
I am sure that most of you will have missed the irrepressible humour of JohnnytheMonkey.

Sadly, he has been banned from the site by Webbie, after comments he made to another Palinite (whom I consider a friend, by the way. In no way do I back the things that were said).

As I know that John only says these things in certain situations and had apologised, I wrote to Webbie on his behalf (three times as my first two were ignored).

This morning I have recieved a reply which I think unfair. I have written to Webbie again. If you agree with me, please send an email to Webbie (just click on 'Contact' at the bottom of this page). I'm sure you will concur with me that Palins Travel will be a little more boring without his banter !!!

[In case you get the wrong end of the stick I would add that I have no 'feelings' for John - I like him as a friend ONLY but I hate to see injustice.]

Here is Webbie's reply:

Hello Spursfan,
Thank you for your various emails regarding the recent banning of an individual on Palin's Travels.
We gave the user in question repeated warnings in relation to their behaviour, and countless opportunities to avoid a ban. However, their ongoing conduct was counter to the principles outlined in our website terms and conditions and, as a direct result, the individual has been banned from the site.
We now consider this case closed, and plan no further related communications on the matter.
Thanks again for contacting us,
Palin's Travels
The Official Travel Website of Michael Palin

Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Ken Dunn on 7 January 2011 11:29am
I found jtm a bit difficult at times and can accept the webmaster's judgement on the matter even though I was not involved in the specific issue which caused the ban.
It's worth noting that we are all 'banned' from the chatroom which I think is probably because of inappropriate use by some people.
Let's try and keep palinstravels such that no one else gets banned.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Loretto on 7 January 2011 1:08pm
Agreed Ken.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Spursfan on 7 January 2011 2:10pm
Sorry to hear that, you two.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Spursfan on 7 January 2011 4:07pm
I have decided to resign from the site, and have asked Webbie to remove me.

I no longer wish to associate myself with a site (and members) that supports injustice. I would have done this for ANY of my palinite chums - just happens to be JtM.

So - enjoy your boring, petty, safe and unjust little site.

Oh - and John asked me to wish you all a Happy New Year which I think is pretty magnanimous in the circumstances, don't you?

Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by perfectbitch on 7 January 2011 4:38pm
I too think Johnny has been treated unfairly especially considering past misdemeanours by trolls. I'm with you Anne.

Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Webmaster on 7 January 2011 4:42pm
Further to her request to be removed from Palin's Travels, we can confirm that we have removed Spursfan from the website and database.

We can confirm that this removal is solely to fulfil our legal obligations, and not something that we at Palin's Travels wished to do. Spursfan was a loyal and regular user of the site, and we have appreciated her ongoing input on the site.

We will not, however, accept that the previous banning of an individual who constantly contravened this website's terms and conditions was an act of injustice.

We now consider this case closed, and plan no further related communications on the matter.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Sonny Syde on 7 January 2011 11:21pm
Is this normal here ? Is it like 'free the Renault 5' ?
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by sighthound on 8 January 2011 11:30pm
I have relished this site for many years now despite all its controversies and upheavals so I find it absolutely incredible that John has been banned from this site when the evil trolls in the past were totally ignored. Yes, John goes over the line sometimes but he has transgressed less than many others on this site (and he apologizes which the trolls who have been tolerated here in the past have never done.)

When the chatroom was still going, trolls, assuming many identities, would terribly mindf**k young members here but they were never thrown off the list. I can't believe that John could have done anything worse that what I have seen done by identified trolls in the chatroom.

One of these trolls (well-known to many here) enrolled me and some others in websites with pornographic bios for us which made us vulnerable to horrible Internet harassment but they were still never thrown off the site. Webbie, if John has done something worse than that, please let me know.

I've loved this site! I've made many very good friends here. But, in this last year, this list has started to die and I don't know why. Was it Big Blogger? Despite some others' opinions, I don't think so. I don't understand why he was considered so bad; we've survived much more intelligent trolls here before.

Webbie, what are you thinking here and how are you going to maintain and grow this list? You're losing your most effective members here. Is this to become a site which abandons ideas and just becomes a place to publicize the latest book-signings. In my heart, I don't think Mr. Palin would it want it to be that.

I really, really don't want this site to die.

Geraldine Clarke
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Ken Dunn on 9 January 2011 3:18am
Sighthound, in the days of trolls we dealt with them ourselves fairly successfully I think. As interest in the site wanes (because of the likes of jtm?) the webmaster has to ensure those still using it are protected from verbal harassment.
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