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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Golden Globes 2011 by bIG bLOGGER on 19 January 2011 5:49pm
Leaving aside the contention that Kelly Brook has the best "golden globes" in showbiz, was it really such a good idea to send our own narcissistic Ricky Gervais over to Hollywood to present these Awards for the second year running?
He managed to rabbit on and on, insulting most of the top Hollywood stars who were present in the audience, including Demi Moore,her ex-husband Bruce Willis, John Travolta,Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jnr,Hugh Hefner,and so on.

The reviews in general called his presentation "mean-spirited", "lewd jokes","insulting"...
Surely an American host was called for at these prestigious pre-Oscar Awards, and not a miserly little Brit-nobody. If they HAD to have chosen a Brit,they should have gone for Piers Morgan,John Cleese, or Michael Palin.
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by kazzzz on 21 January 2011 12:36am
I don't watch this stuff as a rule, but anything with RG hosting , or even appearing in it for that matter, would be right off my list. He is my most unfave Brit 'comedian'.
It doesn't at all surprise me that he behaved in this fashion at the awards. I haven't enjoyed one thing I have seen him in, he even managed to spoil the ep of Graham Norton that he appeared on.
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by Loretto on 21 January 2011 3:23pm
Really Kazzz , you don't like Ricky Gervais? I loved extras just loved it, and my friend and I went to see his show, HBO special in NY a while ago, I think he comes across as an ignoramus and he thinks he is ever so clever, stage persona I mean. I think himself and Sacha Baron Cohen are so funny. Also the two lads who do Little Britain, and there is an Irish fella who does a show called The Savage Eye that I just lmao because he rips into everything.
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by sighthound on 22 January 2011 10:49pm
All this "My God, we didn't know he'd do that" press is absolute nonsense. He'd hosted the show before so the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. knew exactly what they'd be getting when they hired him again. At the very least he wasn't boring and was often exceedingly funny.

I agree with you, Loretto, that Gervais is funny but I don't find Sacha Baron Cohen funny. Gervais goes after people who know what they are getting into and are totally capable of defending themselves. Cohen goes after people who have no idea that they might need to defend themselves. He is a bully.

P.S. What is The Savage Eye? Haven't seen it here.
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by Loretto on 23 January 2011 1:34pm
Hi Geraldine. My nephew from Ireland who stayed with us last summer told me about it. The comedian in it plays various roles in sketches, pure sarcasm. Let me see if I can find a suitable one to post....

OK, hopefully no one will take offense at this. At around 5:57 secs read the labels on the bottles of chemicals Monsignor Cullen is using to make "Papal infallibility."


My favorite character that the comedian does is Ireland's President for life, her husband is called "Housebound It"
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by sighthound on 24 January 2011 11:12pm
Oooooh, that was so hysterical, Loretto! Thank you so much for sending it!!! Best belly laughs I've had in ages and I had to listen to it a few times to get all the dialogue since I was laughing so much that I missed a lot. (Don't know if those of you who weren't subjected to 15 years of Catholic education will find it so funny but I'm sending it along to all my fellow escapees from Catholicism and other arrogant paternalistic religions.)

I now have all those other Savage Eye links to follow up on. Will google it, too, but was it aired anywhere? Can't believe it was allowed in Ireland so it must be British. Want to know more....

Thanks so much, Loretto!
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by Loretto on 25 January 2011 12:51pm
It was aired in Ireland Geraldine. In fact there was a huge change in attitude toward Catholicism in Ireland around the late 90's. There was a comedian, Dermot Morgan, who did a series called Father Ted. RTE refused to take it on but Channel 4 did;


Morgan has since died and only 3 series of Father Ted were made, but they did so well they were shown eventually on RTE, the Irish Radio and Television company.

David McSavage takes Morgan's views of the church even further and I think he is very funny.

You do need to know a little bit about Ireland and the Irish, but you need to be able to laugh at yourself too if you are Irish and you are going to watch it. Mick "The Bull" Bartender character is totally politically incorrect and reminds me of a friend's dad in County Tipperary.

Be sure to watch the ones on youtube, I cry laughing at some of the stuff. Glad you enjoyed it though; it isn't everyone's cup of tea!
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by kazzzz on 25 January 2011 1:04pm
Ted: Dougal, do we have any incense?
Dougal: (uncertainly) There was.. a spider in the bath the other night....

Re: Golden Globes 2011 by kazzzz on 25 January 2011 1:16pm
Mrs Doyle: I'm so excited. Taking on three bishops all at once. I can't wait.
Re: Golden Globes 2011 by Loretto on 25 January 2011 5:50pm
hahha....I love Mrs. Doyle...

Have a cup of tea Father. Ah go on go on go on, ya will ya will ya will!

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