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  The Chatter Box : Travel
morrocco by rachel on 3 November 2002 6:11pm
hi, i am planning to go to morrocco in april, perhaps alone - advice for a women travelling alone? i may join a tour but still would have sometime on my own in casablanca? your forts?
Re: morrocco by agroundhog on 30 December 2002 10:41pm
I was just thinking baout this yesterday as I just started reading Palin's "Sahara" which opens with him taking the same trip to Morocco from Spain that I did! I went to Morocco in '98 as a woman alone. I went with a tour group through parts of Marrakesh, Fez and Rabat because I didn't know quite what I was in for. Generally I found there to be no real hassles for women. I did my best to not make myself a target (wore conservative clothes, etc.) I found when I went into a shop or restaurant off the beaten path, I would get stares but never had any problems. I think it's like anywhere on your own - be prudent and you'll be ok.
Re: morrocco by Frances on 4 January 2003 2:38pm
i went to morocco this summer, a nineteen year old girl. I went the spain-tangier route too then travelled down to marrakech on my own to meet up with two other friends (both girls); we travelled round for two weeks then they went home and I hung around in tangier again for a couple of days on my own before another friend (again, a girl!) joined me, and we travelled again for two weeks.

the times on my own I managed to get adopted by (generally male) travellers and the rest of the time we were generally fine...dressing wasn't as much of a problem as we thought it might be, so long as we wore long bottoms with short tops or the toher way round (different in the mountain villages though, much more covered there)...you do get men walking past saying hello etc very very frequently, but nothing more...and you'll meet so many other travellers you won't be on your own for long!
Re: morrocco girl travel by piernikarczykmj on 7 January 2003 7:38pm
i have travelled in morrocco over many miles,by public transport & camper, last time in 2001.regarding safety this is more difficult to answer as i am a male.however dress sensibly ie. no shorts,no bikinis,be polite but firm when approached by moroccan men.it has been my experience over many years of travel that it is rarely the locals which you have to watch,but more often
fellow travellers who are down to there
last pennies.tip-buy a good money belt
keep it under your coat -buy a small rucksack to carry your cameras and never
leave your documents in the care of others.i reccommend marrakesh and from casablanca get the train, its cheap and
comfortable.if you can go to zagora by
bus from marrakesh, this will take some hours but you will go over the atlas
mountains. try to travel by day for the
scenery is good.when in zagora arrange
a trip into the desert proper, its not
expensive if you go with fellow hotel
guests.if you have spare time visit
essoria on the coast its most probaly the nicest town on the shore.casablanca
sounds romantic but dont waste time there.
have a good journey and if you can let me know how you got on.
Re: morrocco by Frances on 9 January 2003 1:39pm
can i also recommend Fes, especially the area known as Bab Boujeloud, where a hotel called the Cascades lets you sleep on the roof for 25dh a night, run by very friendly, lovely helpful people and a fab environment...

...also everyone should visit chefchaouen at least once, too hot to do anything but sit in the shade in the summer but its a beautiful little town and worth stopping by
Re: morrocco by Tania on 11 January 2003 7:19pm
I agree with Frances about Chaouen. It is a great place to chill and I ended up buying a beautiful brass and wood fold-up 'tea table' there and carting it around in my rucksack for 3 weeks!
Definitely don't miss Fez. It was the highlight of my time in northern morocco. As for travelling alone, just be sensible and aware. I travelled with another girl and was glad of the company. There are things to be sad for the safety of male company, but it also seems that, as an insignificant woman, you are inevitably ignored if there is a man in your group - even if he doesn't speak English and isn't listening to the conversation!

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