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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Strike! by Loretto on 29 June 2011 11:08pm
Between EU workers in Brussels threatening to go on strike because of pension and salary cuts, then UK Civil Servants threatening to leave 1/3 of their positions unmanned....Greeks rebelling at the new austerity measures that have been passed...part of me thinks anyone who has a job today should feel fortunate. Then on the other hand do we pay the politicians who make these decisions on our behalf too much? Maybe the cuts should start at the top?
Re: Strike! by Ken Dunn on 30 July 2011 1:35pm
Here here L. Our politicians pay themselves and I seem to remember they once recently did decide not to give themselves a pay rise. What irks me is the banks that get billions of taxpayers bail out money and in less than a year they are giving themselves millions of pounds in bonuses. (We've ripped off the government - here's you bonus for doing it?!)
Re: Strike! by peripatetically on 16 August 2011 7:13am
I tend to agree with Loretto's vision on this subject.
Re: Strike! by Loretto on 16 August 2011 2:31pm
How about the fact that Billionaire Warren Buffet pays 17.2% in taxes and my husband and I pay 32%......I will add that we're not billionaires! These tax breaks for the rich need to stop. Even Buffet says that the secretary in his office pays more in taxes than he does!!!
Re: Strike! by sighthound on 23 August 2011 9:36am
Warren Buffet just made a wonderful very public plea that the uber-rich like himself should pay much more taxes. However, the Koch brothers who control Fox News along with Murdoch disagreed. Who do you think will win?
Re: Strike! by Loretto on 23 August 2011 12:26pm
Oh Geraldine I just wrote a peice on my blog about Buffet's op-ed piece....


I think Fox News shouts louder than Warren Buffet, most ignoramuses do actually.

I'm hoping Rick Perry will be the next Republican Presidential Candidate. Then Obama will be assured a second term.
Re: Strike! by sighthound on 25 August 2011 5:48am
Interesting blog entry, Loretto! Will comment later when I've had more time to digest it.

I was thinking that Perry was a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party until I heard about his relationship with the truly terrifying people behind his recent prayer rally. The public really needs to know about this new evangelical movement. There was an amazing interview on Terry Gross' "Fresh Air" today about it:

These people are literally getting ready to go to war against all us "infidels" (which seems to include everyone in the world who doesn't believe what they do.)
Re: Strike! by Loretto on 26 August 2011 12:14am
I couldn't stop listening to this interview and took notes while listening also. Thanks Geraldine. This is one scary group with infiltrations throughout society.

This reminds me also of Anders Breivik's manifesto! (Norway Shooter)
He fought against tolerance and the Islamization of Europe he said.

"The anti-Christ is responsible for tolerance and religious pluralism."

The seven mountains to be reclaimed from demonic principalities:
Entertainment, Government, Education, Media, Business, Family and Religion!
Doesn't leave much else does it?

We have a Masonic Lodge about three miles away, I am going to check it out and see if there is a stake in the ground with a verse from Jeremiah on it. She said that this group, The New Apostolic Reformation were present in the 50 states.

The world is in a really f...ed up place at the moment, even in a worse place if Rick Perry manages to get elected next November.
Re: Strike! by Loretto on 26 August 2011 12:25am
Nut jobs! This Mike Bickel who leads the International House of Prayer mentioned in the Terry Gross 'Fresh Air" Interview is the next Jim Jones....


Geraldine I thank you again. My next blog post will be about International House of Prayer, The Call and The New Apostolic Reformation.
Re: Strike! by Loretto on 26 August 2011 2:42pm
Geraldine, I stayed up reading about this religious group and watching their promotional videos until one last night. The language they use is coded and adversarial, Rick Perry has called himself a prophet! There is a fellow in the New Apostolic Reformation videos called George Otis Jnr who claims to be an investigative reporter, he's the owner of The Sentinel group who produces these promo videos and is himself an advocate for 'Spiritual Mapping'
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