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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A bad morning!! by Spursfan2 on 16 August 2011 3:39pm
I had what you could call a TERRIBLE morning today.

It started when I had to get up at 7 after not sleeping well but at the time of the alarm - deep sleep. TYPICAL!! So I was very much in a 'don't talk to me, let me get on with it' sort of mood. Zak had to go to the docs (one of the types of insulin he takes is being taken off the market so he had to discuss with the doc what to do next - this was a waste of time as he (Dr) said he will discuss it with the Diabetic Nurse and then let Zak know!!!

Then we did a bit of shopping and then had to drop the car off at the Citroen garage as they are recalling them - you may have seen on things like Watchdog that a lot of european cars are adjusted for the GB market simply by putting a bar across from where the pedals would be (on the left) taking them to the new pedals (on the right). In some models the passenger could accidentally put the brake on!! I had sort of tested that this wasn't possible in ours, but we got a letter from Citroen asking us to contact the local dealer. Free of charge - I should think so!! Anyway, this meant we had an hour to kill so we took Tosun for a walk in the park and then I had an icecream and we watched people playing bowls 'yawn'. I was still feeling grumpy.

We picked the car up and started to drive to Tesco. As we got to a bit where a couple of lanes merged, Zak continued in the same lane (hard to describe really!) and someone in a car to the left of us pipped us. Zak said something 'like what's that idiot up to'? and forged ahead, next thing I can see this car next to me and our wing mirrors banged into each other. Zak carried on (not safe to stop) and a few mins later pulled into Tesco and into a space. They pulled up behind us and got out shouting 'you've damaged our car!!' (not true).

They asked for our ins, Zak said 'no you have the reg number, that is enough!!'She said 'I bet they aren't insured!!' I said 'actually we are' (it is a motobitlity car and is insured automatically). Then she said 'you went into our car!!' I said 'actually, to be perfectly correct you went into OURS!!' Then she uttered the unforgiveable words(in my view!). She said 'you must be an imbecile then, Madame!' WELL!!! (Remember I was not in a very good mood!). I opened the door and LEAPT out and stormed round to the other side of the car (where she was standing - she had actually moved back a little on seeing me get out, I noticed with glee!!). I was seething. I said 'Oh I'm an imbecile am I? I'll have you know that I am a B.A. Honours graduate'. She said 'Is that all? I have an MSc!!' I said (thinking DAMN!!) 'Ooooooh! You must be an imbecile too then because it seems in your mind the main criteria for getting a degree is being an imbecile!!!'

The bloke (oh it was a BMW by the way) then said he would phone the police straight away, so I said 'you can borrow my phone if you like'!! (meaning it didn't bother us) He said he'd use his own. Last thing I heard was him talking to someone (ALLEDGEDLY the police), reading out our number. We took Tosun for his normal walk around the grounds. When we came back, they'd gone.

As Zak said, if they had been decent, and spoken to us decently, we would probably have done the same.

Re: A bad morning!! by Loretto on 16 August 2011 4:53pm
Thank goodness she wasn't a PhD, then she'd have really looked stupid and things could have been really nasty! :-)

Sorry you had a bad morning Anne. Hopefully they'll just forget about the whole thing and you won't hear from them again. Hope's Zak's meds get sorted out soon, that's nothing to fool around with.
Re: A bad morning!! by TERRY S on 16 August 2011 6:11pm
You and me both, mate!

I got up yesterday, to find Don had not gone to work. He told me had woken early hours with really bad chest pains. So bad that after a while he called the Doc, who gave him aspirin and glycerol spray (just in case - arrgh!) He has to for heart test next Tuesday. Also I tiny bump under my arm. So I didn't sleep great either. Especially on top of my all ready chronic insonia! So, that's my sob story. Why didn't you smack the other driver in the teeth? Don would have!
Re: A bad morning!! by Spursfan2 on 16 August 2011 8:17pm
Oh I was very VERY close to, Terry, believe me!! But even though I was so angry a little voice was saying 'if you hit her it will be satisfying, but not good for your case!!'. Zak was saying 'just ignore them, they've got the car reg that's enough'. And what makes it worse in a way is that they were middle aged, moddle class people - not 'yobs' at all!!

Sorry to hear about Don - hugs to him - and also your own probs Terry! Hope you get everything sorted. xx

Loretto, as I said, one of the insulins he takes is going off market, he has enough to last until they decide what to do with him but it was a pain going there for nothing really. He also takes tablets for his heart (he had a mild attack 11 years ago); high BP; thyroid probs; and cholesterol (though we both have exceptionally low cholesterol, it is normal for people who have had heart attacks to be put on cholesterol lowering drugs).

I am also having probs with my medication - I had to come off one immunosuppressant that I had been taking for about 15 years or more as liver biopsies showed it was affecting my liver badly. I was put on to another immunosuppressant last May or June, and just haven't felt well since, so I have been taken off thenm and put back onto the original drug for a short while (it actually suited me apart from ruining my liver!!) while my consultant decides what to do. I saw him last Wednesday, and will see him again on 1st Sept when the probability is that I will start a course (or rather several courses) of IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin). I have had pretty well all the immunosuppressants available and they either don't work for me or they affect my liver.

Oh dear - this has turned into Holby City (I wanted to say Emergency Ward 10 but not many of you would remember that!!)
Re: A bad morning!! by tucsonmike on 17 August 2011 2:32am
Yeah, some people...Glad you are ok physically.
Re: A bad morning!! by TERRY S on 17 August 2011 2:44pm
I remember Emergency Ward 10. It starred Christopher H. Bidmead, who later become script editor and writer for the old classic series of Dr Who! There, bet you never knew that, did you?

BTW, Don says ta for the kind wishes, and so do I.
Re: A bad morning!! by Spursfan2 on 17 August 2011 7:58pm
No I didn't - but then I was only little when it was on - I remember things like Nurse Jill something who rose in the ranks to be a matron I think, and the fact that one of the doctors was also the policeman in the Miss Marple films with Margaret Rutherford!! Oh and when I had mytonsils out aged 9 I was thrilled that the covers on the beds were the same as on Emergency Ward 10 (except not in b & w, of course! LOL

Well we just had a visit from 2 (very nice) policeladies who said that the 'gentleman' we had the car prob with yesterday had been in to report it. What a git. Apparently he originally said there was some damage to his car but has now said that it was scuff marks and that he had polished them away. They are not doing anything (the police) but just wanted to have the other side of the story. They agreed with Zak that it wouldn't have been safe to stop so no probs about 'not stopping after an accident' which the bloke had said we'd done.

Zak said how aggressive the couple had been - they'd said WE had been!! Of course the police were not there so couldn't really comment, but actually Zak had been rreally calm at the time.

If I ever see that couple again.....!!!!..
Re: A bad morning!! by kazzzz on 19 August 2011 9:56am
Pfffft some people!
On a different note, when I took Ava to gymnastics this morning there was a massive accident on the corner. A grandfather and his 12 year old pulled out in front of a logging truck which in turn hit a school bus (8.20am). I know the child has head injuries and was airlifted to the Royal Children's Hospital, have not heard how he is, but amazingly noone else received more than minor injuries.
Hope the young lad is ok.
Re: A bad morning!! by Spursfan2 on 19 August 2011 3:03pm
Re: A bad morning!! by sighthound on 23 August 2011 9:59am
Anne, you need to turn this encounter into a short story or script. You could do wonders with it. Turn that bad energy from the encounter into something creative. I'll help you with it if you'd like.
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