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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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London v New York by suzulu on 30 August 2011 3:46pm
While trying to find out the population of New York City, I came across this article. It is about 4 years old but I thought it was interesting.

Re: London v New York by Loretto on 30 August 2011 4:32pm
Have it up on my screen and will read it later Sue. Battle of the cities?
Re: London v New York by tucsonmike on 30 August 2011 11:53pm
I read it and laughed. Where does Tucson rate on the cheap list? :)
Re: London v New York by Loretto on 31 August 2011 3:36am
I read the article Sue and felt that it was all about money, money, money and more money! I guess Gordon Geko from the movie Wall Street was absolutely right,

"it's all about bucks kid, the rest is just conversation."

How said is our culture that that is how we measure a community's worth. Even arts-culture is measured that way! Too bad, I know we all have bills to pay, mortgages etc, but measuring how good one city is over another using finance just doesn't make me Like the richer city better. Historical stuff, that's what makes me want to visit Rome, Paris, etc. The people!

Anyway it was a great read and I shared the article with my husband's Uncle who is 75 and born and bred in America, he couldn't even grasp why this company would compare the two cities!

Thanks for sharing it! Great dinner conversation!
Re: London v New York by mp_addict19 on 31 August 2011 4:02am
I'll have to go with London on this one. Just because all the history, and I'm thinking about studying at one of their theatres after what I read. New York seemed really crowded and VERY big when I was there as a freshman in high school. I cannot see myself living in that kind of environment.

I want to move to England SO BAD!! Everything that's there is . . . grrr!! I wish I was born there. *sigh* But I am proud being a North Dakotan. Proud of my state and my heritage.

Anyway, this was a good read from all this homework I had to do. And after a well done audition, too. Thanks a bunch!!
Re: London v New York by suzulu on 31 August 2011 10:40am
I have never been to New York so cannot compare but I live in London, mp_addict, and it is very crowded!
Re: London v New York by tucsonmike on 31 August 2011 7:48pm
mp, you can't have it both ways. You can't move London to North Dakota, (though North Dakota's population could easily fit inside London).

Pepper Martin was from Oklahoma but all I could think of was the usual dumb sportswriters question: "Mr. Martin, why do you run so fast?"

Martin's response? "Well sir, I grew up in Oklahoma, and once you start runnin' there ain't nothin' to stop you." (I've driven through the Oklahoma Panhandle, I have to agree).

Wonder what a Londoner would think of North Dakota?

This is who Pepper Martin was:

Re: London v New York by suzulu on 1 September 2011 12:15am
Well, I have been to South Dakota. Beautiful!
Re: London v New York by tucsonmike on 1 September 2011 1:49am
OK, Sue, you were one Dakota off. :) Actually, there was an article in USA Today, about North Dakota has become a boom state.

Re: London v New York by mp_addict19 on 1 September 2011 4:41am
Damn right we get people from all over the place looking for jobs! There's probably plenty of jobs to apply for in Fargo, Bismarck, or even the oil fields out west.

Yeah, sure, there's probably not a whole lot of things to do here, but hey, it's a great place to raise your kids. I'm currently reading 'How Fargo of You' by Marc De Calle, and I'm rather enjoying it so far. I suggest looking it up, if you want to.

Haha, I'm pretty sure we can fit ND's population in London.
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