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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sick of Politics. by tucsonmike on 2 September 2011 1:00am
I've been posting this on Facebook. I no longer care which political stripe you are. I don't know about other countries, but in the United States, the next President is going to have to be a Kindergarten teacher. Because that's what ALL of them are acting like.

I've given up on trying to make a difference because I can't. Writing is all I have. I'm not a leadership type.

On here, no matter which government we have, we seem to be sharing the same gripes.

Re: Sick of Politics. by Lounge Trekker on 2 September 2011 4:57am
You are not alone, Mike. Your system is a bit different than the Canadian scam-fest, but I'm sure us political skeptics share a few similar frustrations.

The best reason I have to vote is not that my vote means anything...it's that if I don't vote, I forfeit my right to complain.

It seems the political parties are in it for themselves and not the citizens of the nation.
Re: Sick of Politics. by suzulu on 2 September 2011 12:08pm
Re. your last line, Pete. Very true!
Re: Sick of Politics. by tucsonmike on 2 September 2011 1:53pm
Pete, Sue, I agree with you. I also vote to keep the bigger numbskull from getting it and so I do not lose the right.

Because I grew up knowing so many from the Eastern Bloc, I used to vote out of a sense of civic duty and understanding what I had. I am more cynical than that now.
Re: Sick of Politics. by Lounge Trekker on 2 September 2011 2:01pm
I see a national or provincial party win the right to govern telling us what their 'platform' is, what they believe to be the type of government best for today's world. Immediately, they act in many ways contrary to their parties stated election promises.

We still need to watch them and try to vote out the worst ones.
Re: Sick of Politics. by Loretto on 2 September 2011 2:44pm
Exactly Pete. I voted for a president that I disliked a few years back, but only because I dislike the other candidate even more! It is a game of Chess!
Re: Sick of Politics. by tucsonmike on 2 September 2011 9:07pm
Take a look @ this article from CNN's Roland Martin and tell me what you think.

Re: Sick of Politics. by George on 2 September 2011 10:37pm
I really liked the article for its insight and not just because I'm a Republican. Before the fall of the Soviet Union one of the primary litmus tests when voting for a president was, "Can you trust this man dealing with Breshnev or Gorbachev?" In other words, did he have the steel not to run and hide when things got tough? The best were Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. They could be hard men when they had to be. It is said Obama spends most of his time watching Sports Center. This weekend he is going to Camp David to relax after his Martha's Vineyard vacation.
Re: Sick of Politics. by sighthound on 8 September 2011 5:38am
I've been thinking a lot about your original post on this thread, Mike, but my reactions were so convoluted and emotional that it has taken me a long time to reply. I am totally sick of dealing with politics, too.

I'm old. I came to political awareness in the last days of McCarthyism and later I had mentors who had been victims of those horrid witch hunts in the 50's. In the early 60's, I was ostracized at my convent school by my classmates who had John Birch mothers just because I liked Danny Kaye movies so they were convinced that I was a Communist. Life was very weird in the early 60's. (I've never been attracted to Communism. Never met a Communist with a sense of humor.)

I also participated actively in the upheaveavals of the 60's and 70's so I've seen a lot but I have never before seen the absolute polarization that we now have in American politics where intelligent discussion has become impossible.

Our UK friends may be outraged at how Murdoch's minions hacked them but we, in the U.S., should be much, much more outraged at how Murdoch's Fox News has hijacked and perverted political discussion in this country. Fox News has gotten all those benighted Tea Party people into believing things that are just not true and is enciting and enticing them to actions that are so counterproductive to truthful discussion.

I just watched "The Tillman Story". I knew the basic outlines of the story about how this football star was killed in Iraq but I had no idea of the extent of how his death was perverted and used for propaganda by the Bush Administration. Yes, politics is now totally disgusting. We MUST take politics back from the vested interests who are buying the media and all our elected "representatives". Don't know how we can do that but Thomas Jefferson was convinced that we should have a revolution every generation and we are long overdue.

Re: Sick of Politics. by tucsonmike on 9 September 2011 1:25am
Well I watched the President's speech. He isn't wrong, but will anything come of it.

I feel such a disconnect with Washington that I don't trust it to happen and I see the people involved as totally removed from my life.
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