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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Are Scots Passionate? by tucsonmike on 14 January 2012 1:00am
I was watching a tape of the opera Lucia di Lammermoor and it showed the opening scene where the men of the castle are singing about an intruder, dressed as Puritans (like the emblem on the Massachusetts Turnpike).

I wondered if Scots became passionate about two things:
1. War.
2. Who nicked the safe? :)

Or there's the Python routine Mary Queen of Scots. Mary Queen of Scots takes a walk through the Gorbals one night.

"You are, Mary Queen of Scots?"
"Aye," I'm your Queen, on your knees!"

Y'all can fill in the rest.

The guys in Puritan costumes are singing in Italian. Well I can't imagine Donizetti's lyrics would work in Broad Scots.
Re: Are Scots Passionate? by Ken Dunn on 14 January 2012 7:19am
You're probably aware that quite a few Scots are passionate about a dislike for the English. This dislike dates from ancient history and is reflected in the song Flower of Scotland which, although I think is a nice melody should not in this day and age be used as a national anthem. Scotland the Brave is better.

As to who nicked the safe I would suspect there were at least two offenders involved! :+)
Re: Are Scots Passionate? by Spursfan2 on 14 January 2012 8:56am
Off topic but in response to Ken's reference to the heaviness of the safe, I used to work for the County Council in Youth and Community (this was part of the Education Dept and changed its name over the years from Youth Service, to Youth & Community Service, to Youth & Community Education Service - don't know what it is at this point in time ! But I digress....).

At the time I am talking about (mid-1980s) I was working in a Regional Office, just me and the Regional Officer, and we were based in a Youth and Community Centre. I shared my office with the full-time youth worker, and in our office was the Y & CC safe.

One day I got to work (I was usually the first in) and it was obvious the place had been broken into. I went into my office and the safe had been moved right across the room to just by the door, where the thieves had obviously given up!!! There were also signs that the thieves had tried to get into the safe to no avail.

I can't remember if anyone was ever 'done' for this, but I know that youth club members were suspected because a great deal of chocolate and sweets were taken from the tuck-bar, and other signs too that it was an inside job!!!


Re: Are Scots Passionate? by johnnyBgood! on 16 January 2012 10:53pm
Anne, you take the term 'I digress' to stratospheric levels !

Mike, I'm a very passionate Scot and a very passionate Scottish man !

@ Ken. You're not even Scottish yet you bring up this thing about dislike for the English. Keep that in Ireland.......it's only Londoners that I hate. :)
Re: Are Scots Passionate? by Spursfan2 on 17 January 2012 9:28am
Good at it, ain't I John?

Re: Are Scots Passionate? by johnnyBgood! on 17 January 2012 1:39pm
Anne......you are in a league of your own. I'm just disappointed that you didn't mention Tosun ( the wee DD, or Turkey ).

I do spot betting with a friend here ( yes, I do have some) and I win a tenner for a Tosun mention and a fiver for a Turkey.

I have to pay him a pound for every post with neither. The bet is now null and void he says, as he reckons you will help me out due to you falling under my spell.

Re: Are Scots Passionate? by Spursfan2 on 17 January 2012 3:07pm
Unfortunately your imaginary friend (lol) is wrong there because I shall purposely NOT refer to a country a few thousand miles south OR any 4-legged members of our family. at least in THIS string.

Re: Are Scots Passionate? by johnnyBgood! on 17 January 2012 4:04pm
Tosun loves Turkey and he also likes turkey does our wee DD Tosun. We adopted Tosun in Turkey and he already had the Turkish name of Tosun. Tosun loves our Turkish postman whose name is also Tosun ! Coincidence ? Not if you're Turkish and you have the common name of Tosun. Lol, we had a Turkish friend whose Tourette's compelled him to say......Tosun,Tosun,Tosun,Tosun, Tosun, sit down and I may give you a Turkish Delight Tosun.
Re: Are Scots Passionate? by Spursfan2 on 17 January 2012 4:14pm
Lol and STILL you cannot claim the bet hee hee.


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