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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
The Oscars by Loretto on 27 February 2012 1:29pm
Sacha Baron Cohen......doesn't take the Oscars as seriously as they take themselves!

"Hello death to the west!" LOL

Re: The Oscars by suzulu on 28 February 2012 1:42pm
Re: The Oscars by Loretto on 28 February 2012 2:47pm
Can I do a bit of griping for a minute? No answer? Crickets? I'll take that as a "go ahead" then.

In digital journalism last night we were learning how to aggregate news. One of the methods used is a fairly new website called Storify.com.

We learned that anything that is put on the web via Facebook, Twitter etc can be put on this website with names of people mentioned.

The most sickening part of all of this is a lack of ethics when publishing tweets/posts by minors. In the recent Chardon, Ohio school shootings students were tweeting as the event unfolded. They even named the shooter and his victims (who were minors)

Storify used all the names they tweeted. Now my question is, what if these kids were wrong about the names of the shooter/victims? What if 10 students who had a gripe or a grudge against one other student tweeted his/her name to be mean? Then this Storify.com used all of this to aggregate news?

OK back to my original title. Here's the second gripe...yeah I know, will I ever stop, right?

A father and daughter film team from Northern Ireland won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short for their movie "The Shore.

In his acceptance speech the father, Terry George thanked the people of Northern Ireland, Protestant and Catholic, for showing the world that they could successfully negotiate a peace process. He said it was due to the fact that the "Irish were great talkers."

George then held the Oscar aloft and said, "I dedicate this to the Irish." Those were his last words before he left the stage.

BBC News online said he dedicated it to the people of Northern Ireland.


This kind of peeves me off to be very blunt. They took what he said and changed its meaning.
Re: The Oscars by Lounge Trekker on 28 February 2012 11:42pm
Dissapointing to see that it is true. That this is as much the MISinformation age as the information age. I get more and more skeptical about what I read even after searching out versions of the same information from many different sources.

Two good examples of potential harm done by the ease of duty employed by the copy-paste generation of 'journalists'.
Re: The Oscars by Loretto on 29 February 2012 1:51am
I know the BBC thing seems harmless, but changing what a person said is a big deal. And the fact that the guy on Storify.com didn't protect the names of the minors shot at Chardon is disgraceful, and he is a working journalist so he should know that what he did is unethical. It isn't unlawful, but he might get sued by the parents though.

But here is the slippery slope part, stoify.com guy didn't name the victims; their friends named them on Twitter and then he posted their tweets! So if the information is out there, should he use it or not?

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