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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Cappadocia by Spursfan2 on 26 November 2012 10:05am
Having arrived in Turkey on 10th November with our two friends (from South Yorks) Steve & Veronica, we flew from Izmir (our nearest airport) to Kayseri on 13th November. This is a memorable date for us anyway, as it is Tosun's birthday. He was 8 this year and got his birthday treat when we got home, but I am digressing!

We (Zak and I) had been to Cappadocia twice before; first in 1988 when we drove there ourselves, and secondly in 1990 when we took an overnight bus, 13 hours, stopping every hour for a Turkish tea and to use the 'facilities' (usually 'elephants feet') to stay with friends in Kayseri (which incidentally was called Caesarea in earier times).

The flight was about an hour and a half and cost us about £13 return each!!

When we picked up the car, we found that the car hire company had sent a Ford Focus instead of the Fiat Doblo we had ordered. We complained, but the man who was there to do the paperwork etc said that the Doblo was not available!! We had booked it back in April! Needess to say a letter of complaint is going to be winging its way - the Focus was a decent car but NOT what we had asked for, the Doblo is an MPV, whereas the Focus is an estate.

Anyway, we gave up in the end and Zak set up the Sat Nav (we'd taken ours with us, having purchased a Turkish add-on) and off we set.

Re: Cappadocia by Spursfan2 on 28 November 2012 7:38pm
We eventually arrived in the town of Goreme; though because it became dark around 4 pm we hadn' seen much of the scenary on the way. We found our hotel (eventually) and went in. It was called Cave Life, being built into one of the caves caused pre-Roman times by volcanic eruption. Snow-capped mountain Erciyes (pronounced 'urges')still looms over Cappodocia but is now extinct.


We were to say the least disappointed. yes the rooms had rock walls, but the bathrooms were (as our friend Veronica said) 'minging'. Everything was clean but it smelt and the rooms were cold, as they only put the central heating on for a couple of hours. There was a steep set of steps with no handrail (difficult for me, as I find steps difficult anyway with my illness, but even worse with no rail - thank goodness for Zak!!). But the staff were friendly, and after a night's kip in really comfy beds and a decent breakfast we were all much happier about the hotel.

In the evening we went into the small town (MUCH bigger than we remembered it, and far more commercial than it had been in 1988) to get something to eat. We found a small restaurant and had the local speciality, Testi kebab/ This is cooked in specially made pot, and sealed with bread, then the pot is opened at the table. At the restaurant we were at, this was done with a flourish with a Turkish dagger. We all had different types; I had a vegetarian - absolutely delish, one of the tastiest meals I have ever had in Turkey.


We set off first to the Zelve. We'd seen it all before so we left the climbing about to Steve and Veronica, but it was still enjoyable.


Re: Cappadocia by Spursfan2 on 28 November 2012 7:51pm
We decided to go to a small restaurant just up the road from the hotel, and found that it was actually someone's house! Again set in the caves, the waiters were the sons of the house and the cook was their mother. We had the set menu, and dishes kept coming, all delicious! Afterwards Veronica and I sat chatting and 'Mom' came over and sat with us. We had a nice conversation, though she had no English at all. We found out that she was 60, that she flet she looked much older and was very tired and that she had 3 sons. It was a really nice evening. veronica and I also had a nice chat with a gay couple from Canada, who had been in a hot air balloon that morning. I said I wasn't sure whether to do it or not, as I was worried about wimping out at the last moment and thus wasting nearly £100. I said I was sure I would like it when 'up there' but that I wasn't sure. They told me about mtheir experience and to be honest, they were the ones who persuaded me that I would like it, though Zak had ejoyed a flight he had had about 13 years ago.

Back at the hotel Zak got a price for balloon flights (there were dozens of companies in the town doing flights, and all hotels had companies they worked with) but didn't book yet.

Next day, we had breakfast and then moved on to our next hotel, still in Goreme. Oh boy - what a difference!! We even had a spa bath which was wonderful. Even the breakfast was twice as good as the first hotel. There were loads of cupboards and drawers in the room; I was spoilt for choice as to where to put everything (though oddly we STILL only had 2 coat hangers!!). we all agreed that we were pleased that we had gone to the other hotel first as it made this one seem even better, whereas we would just have accepted it! We all secretly wished we had had four days there though.

Re: Cappadocia by Loretto on 28 November 2012 8:01pm
Wow! This is great! I'd love to visit Turkey, but I don't think I could convince Kevin. Even the Balloon ride would be a turn off for him!

Sounds like you had a great trip.
Re: Cappadocia by Spursfan2 on 28 November 2012 8:10pm
Oh thanks Loretto!

[Ssssh! Don't tell Johnny about this, he'll say I am talking too much!!]

Re: Cappadocia by johnnyBgood! on 29 November 2012 3:16am
You don't need to go to Turkey, Lonnie, when we have Anne here. I feel that I've spent more time there than in Scotland this past 7 years. ;)

Good posts, Anne. It looks like a really interesting area to visit.
Re: Cappadocia by Spursfan2 on 29 November 2012 10:11am
I just did another part of this, right up to the balloon landing - and then my laptop decided to restart because of updates!!! Pah. Admittedly it had warned me a few times and I kept postponing it - just didn't notice the last time!

Don't feel like doing it all over again...yet.

Re: Cappadocia by Loretto on 29 November 2012 1:56pm
I think this was my favorite part of the New Europe series. Still no sign of Brazil being shown on TV here, unless it is on BBC America? We don't get that channel, only dish users get it. Not much of a telly person, except for Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire.

The latter show had an unbelievable scene two weeks ago. A guy is buried in the sand up to neck level, you see the waves in the dark night behind him. They are coming closer to him. He's begging another crook for freedom, promising he won't do whatever has landed him here ever again. A man standing by the car says, this is my mother's brother's kid, for Christ's sake. The big boss says, ok I'll show some mercy, grabes the shovel, and walks over to the guy buried in the sand and just hammers his head flat. I couldn't believe it!

What were we talking about again, oh yeah New Europe and Turkey. How's that for a digression?

Re: Cappadocia by Spursfan2 on 29 November 2012 2:32pm
While we were in Turkey we watched some of our DVDs that we never seem to find time to watch. One was called something like The Devil Chronicles, and was about some people stuck in a lift (you will see the significance later in my travel stories!) and the next we watched was called 'Buried'. Oh what a good film THAT was! Set in Iraq, it was set in a coffin/woooden crate in which an American truck driver had been buried by insurgents. You only saw him, but you heard his phone conversations (they had left him a mobile phone, an other items) with his wife, mother in law, boss, the kidnappers, and someone at the State Department who dealt with people in those sort of situations.

Edge of your seat stuff!! I won't say how it ends.

Re: Cappadocia by Loretto on 29 November 2012 2:39pm
There is a US adaptation of The Devil Chronicles, called Devil. And the characters are all trapped in an elevator also, one ends up being satan and killing people off. Same storyline? If you get Boardwalk Empire, watch it because it reminds me of Nip Tuck in the early days, well written, brutally blunt and shocking. I love when a scene lulls you into a false sense of security and then Wham, Fugeddaboudit
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