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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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RIP Patrick Moore by Loretto on 9 December 2012 7:51pm
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by suzulu on 10 December 2012 11:55am
RIP Patrick.
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by Wheelrim on 10 December 2012 5:48pm
I used to `fix` things for people by writing cheeky letters to well known persons, it generally worked well. My sister said to me `you are always fixing it for others.. what would YOU like"? I said that I had always wanted to look at the Planets colours in Real-Time through a Telescope. That night I recieved a call from Patrick Moore asking if I would like to look through his. Great, we agreed to set up a date. Then my dad died and I got busy with that and other things and it got put on the back-burner. But not so with Patrick as he began calling me and sending me postcards asking when I was coming, his postcards were great as Patrick only used a really old typewriiter for ALL his writing. He called me one night (knowing I was a copper) to ask my advice on getting into his house as he had locked himself out! Anyway, a couple of years later I called him and fixed a date to go to his house, a lovely old place in Selsey, Sussex. he was a lovely quirkey guy with a great sense of humour, very straight and extremely friendly. I presented him with something as British as he was, a Policemans helmet, he was chuffed with it. You must check his Wikipeda page, its incredible what he did, Jammed with Einstein, met one of the Wright brother, and lots more. a real Legend. During our 3 hour stay we chatted on many subjects and the Moon wwas his obvious passion. I asked him if he had any Moon-Rock, he replied "of course not, its far too valuable". Last year I made it my mission to try to get him a piece and wrote to many people, including NASA and President Obama. I suggested that they recognise his contributions to the Space Race etc and for his acheivements in promoting Astronomy etc. I suggested a small piece set into a tie-pin or similar, so that he could have a small part of something he had admired and loved from afar for so long.
I recieved NO replies to these letters. Shameful.
As we left Patrick in 2010 he said "You must come back for dinner some time". We never did and now of course we never will. It was great to meet him and it is something Shirl and I will never forget.
What a man, what a legacy he has left.
Incedentally, he did not really like being called `Sir Patrick` it was "Call me Patrick" RIP. Patrick.
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by Loretto on 10 December 2012 6:05pm
Oh my God! What a wonderful story! That is fantastic. And you were great to try and get a piece of moon rock for him. Too right re:shameful of those you wrote to and they never responded.

I was impressed with the fact that he never went to college and it was his passion for knowledge about space that kept him informed! Good for him! And well done you for getting to meet this legend of a man.
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by Lounge Trekker on 10 December 2012 6:08pm
Nice. You will miss him more than most, Wheels. Indeed, what an interesting life he led. The Wikipedia page is fascinating.

Amongst all he is credited with is this, from Wikipedia:

Moore thought he was the only person to have met the first man to fly, Orville Wright, the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, and the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong.
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by johnnyBgood! on 11 December 2012 4:20am
RIP with the stars Patrick.

Great anecdote Wheelnut. I always knew that you were more than just a dumb copper.

D'ya think Simon Cowell modelled himself on Patrick, with a waistband that reached his chest ? ;)
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by Wheelrim on 11 December 2012 11:15am
I was just thinking to myself yesterday how things occur which are either coincidental, or just weird. For instance Johnny, you mention Simon Cowell. My very good friends here in Spain I knew when I was in the RAF. Jim and Mei ran my Daughters Sunday school and that is how they became our VERY good friends, at that time I was unaware that their Daughter had been Simon Cowells right-hand person for 5 years already. Jim and Mei did not seem it worth mentioning although he was already a global name, we only noticed the framed front page of a magazine on their stair hall when she was made PA of the year, standing next to Simon. We in turn have heavily influenced them in their travelling and they were quite adventurous for some time in their travels, and they are both pensioners! Now, yesterday I watched ``Eggheads` on BBC2 and sitting on a Celeb team, next to each other were Joe Pasquale and Linda Lusardi. I have had the pleaseure of looking after BOTH of them for a day and night (NO, not all night with Linda) whilst running a small RAF club on a remote mountain in the Falklands, at different times. Joe DOES speak like that and is an OK guy. Linda... well, she is all and more, the nicest most genuine person I have ever met. Really Normal and gracious. Had a couple of slow dances with her..... awful eh?
As said, coincidences are everywhere, I have had some really spectacular ones and a particular episode of the paranormal when a colleague on night shift, 2AM in the morning, in a Patrol car contacted my late father. To say I was a disbeliever in that stuff before would be an understatement, but after that 15 minute rollercoaster I could not deny that there is something weird outhere. everyone I have told about it have been left wondering. I will post my incident some time, as it happened without exaggeration to see your reaction too.

Oh yes, I was once told never to name-drop... Paul Mcartney told me that.
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by suzulu on 11 December 2012 11:52pm
Great stories, Wheelrim! You were lucky to meet Patrick.
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by johnnyBgood! on 12 December 2012 1:21am
You're a fcking namedropper Wheelnut. I'll have you know that I once threw Linda Lusardi out of my bed in favour of a threesome with wee Sue and Anne. ;)
Re: RIP Patrick Moore by sighthound on 12 December 2012 2:29am
Damn, I wish I had an opportunity to see Moore's broadcasts. Are they available on the 'net?

I understand the facination with moon rocks. I made a pilgrimage to the Lawrence Livermore Lab to see the first one that was put on display and later, in the 80's, when I was making space science spots for kids for CBS and filming at the Johnson Space Center, I was actually allowed to touch one. It, needless to say, was a mind-bending experience.

Thanks, Wheelrim, for the stories.
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