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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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School Shootings by Loretto on 14 December 2012 4:24pm
A school shooting has happened about 30 minutes away from me. I can't stop crying, the picture in NewtownBee used by BBC is just shocking. The children are terrified. One person has reportedly been shot dead, allegedly the principal, a child allegedly carried out by police officer was also shot. GUN CONTROL asap. Stop this craziness. Sandyhook is a K-4 school.

Re: School Shootings by Loretto on 14 December 2012 6:17pm
He, 20 year old. Shot 18 children and 8 adults. Just horrific. When is the US going to change the 2nd Amendment? Sickening .

Newtown is about 20 mins away, local news journalist trying to remain composed but he is obviously upset.

Re: School Shootings by suzulu on 14 December 2012 6:49pm
I heard about this about half an hour from a colleague. It is absolutely shocking - even more so as it is so close to where you live.

What is in their crazy minds to kill innocent people, especially children.
Re: School Shootings by Loretto on 14 December 2012 7:35pm
Allegedly the shooters mother used to be a teacher the school, he shot her at her apartment in NJ. An entire classroom, kindergartners, has been shot along with the school principal and psychologist. I received an alert by email and phone from my son's school stating that his school was secure.

This is just horrific, I am crying on and off all day. The news said one person was shot at first and then that number jumped to 27, 18 are children. I just can't imagine what the families of these victims are going through right now. Newtown is normally a safe quiet community. The gun laws here in the states and the power that the NRA wields is insane.
Re: School Shootings by tucsonmike on 14 December 2012 11:49pm
Loretto, my Mom's childhood friend and my adopted aunt live right near there in Oxford, CT. I know the area well. Who shoots Kindergarten kids? Gotta be a special place in hell for this fool. Nuff said...

Loretto, I wish it were that easy to pass gun control laws. I suspect someone like this guy would have found a way around it.
Re: School Shootings by TERRY S on 15 December 2012 12:16am
As soon as I heard it was in Conneticut, freaked hoping your family was okay. The President really needs to get some balls and deal with this.
Re: School Shootings by Lounge Trekker on 15 December 2012 12:25am
Hug your children, hold them close. It seems this is a path our society is on and it will take more than gun control to get it back on a less destructive path.
Re: School Shootings by Loretto on 15 December 2012 12:56am
The 20 year old male shooter shot his mother in the face in her Newtown home. He then loaded her car with guns purchased legally by (edit...iphone autocorrected incorrectly) and liscensed to his mother. Drove to Sandy Hook and shot the principal, school psychologist, 4 other adults and 20 children between the ages of 5-10. Most of the children shot were in their kindergarten classroom. One student said a teacher pulled him into her classroom as bullets whizzed by in the hallway. Just horrific what those families of the victims are going through.
Re: School Shootings by johnnyBgood! on 15 December 2012 1:11am
I'm a news freak but I'll not listen to the news in the next 24 hours. That story so upsets me. I give my hugs and thoughts to the bereaved.
Re: School Shootings by Loretto on 15 December 2012 2:47am
John, I saw it on FB this morning at 10:39 am. I watched it all day long. The story was at first just the shooter's body was in the school, but the live footage and chopper view had FBI and swat team men everywhere. It wasn't until shortly before 1pm that they said 27 people were dead, 20 are children. I think of parents sending their kids off to school on the bus thinking there is no safer place than school, an elementary school. This is just three days after a mall shooting in Oregon. There is something wrong here in this country. I am sick to the teeth of people telling me "guns don't kill people, people do." Bullsh1t! Mentally insane people who have easy access to guns kill people. Of course the NRA have not made a statement.
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