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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Some help please - Ripping Yarns by xine on 28 January 2004 4:57am
Hi, could someone enlighten me on what are the Ripping Yarns? is it the title of a book by our hero MP? (with Terry Jones) or a collection of selected scripts ...
Appreciate the help. Thank-you.

Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by TwoSheds on 28 January 2004 10:46am
Ripping Yarns is a BBC comedy from the 1970s written by (and featuring)Michael which is still very funny now. I don't know whether there was a book published to accompany the series, I think probably not.
Highly recommended for lovers of MP. (Of which there may be one or two on this site.)
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by gwen on 28 January 2004 12:46pm
There were 9 Ripping Yarns in all, shown over a couple of years in the late 70s. The first was Tomkinson's Schooldays. They were also published by Methuen. I know the first book, called Ripping Yarns, had 6 of the scripts, and a second, called More Ripping Yarns, had the other 3 scripts.
For some reason I seem to remember that there was something called Even More Ripping Yarns, but I don't know if this could have been a book because, after all, all 9 scripts had already been published. So perhaps that was the title of a third video issued, i.e. perhaps there were three videos issued, each with 3 shows on them. There was also a book from Methuen called The Complete Ripping Yarns, containing all 9 scripts.
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by mra9a on 28 January 2004 3:12pm
Even though this has probly already been discussed and I, yet again, was not paying attention...

Is the Ripping Yarns DVD going to be UK release only? (i.e. are States people going to have to buy it off Amazon.uk) :)
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by sminobe on 28 January 2004 6:21pm
Available at your local library (or through interlibrary loans):

"Ripping Yarns" c.1979 ISBN: 0394736788
1.Tomkinson's Schooldays
2.Across the Andes by Frog
3.Murder at Moorstones Manor
4.The Testing of Eric Olthwaite
5.Escape from Stalag Luft 112B
6.The Curse of the Claw

"More Ripping Yarns" c.1980 ISBN: 0413475204
1.Whinfrey's Last Case
2.Golden Gordon
3.Roger of the Raj

"Complete Ripping Yarns" c.1990 ISBN: 074931222X all 9 scripts

Only the scripts, no production notes, but there are photos from the eps scattered throughout.

And gwen is right about the videos -- 3 of them with 3 eps each:
"Ripping Yarns"
"More Ripping Yarns"
"Even More Ripping Yarns"
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by Clare on 29 January 2004 12:13pm
Hi Two Sheds
You can get a book with the scripts as a friend of mine (who works in a books shop luckill) searched one out for me for my birthday last year, it was the complete Ripping Yarns and has all of the nine epsiodes that they wrote and recorded.
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by rippingyarns on 29 January 2004 3:30pm
Michael says on his opening page that all the episodes are coming out on a dvd being put together by a company called Network Media. I tried to track them down to get more info. Got through to a film/dvd company in NIreland, who had worked with Michael in the past but who said they weren't involved. They wondered if there was another Network Media.

Has anyone got any more info about Network Media? The DVDs used to be available from Meridien Entertainment, but it was discontinued. One second hand copy of just half a dozen episodes is being touted on the internet at £300!
More ripping off than ripping yarns at that price!

Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by Webmaster on 29 January 2004 4:38pm
Network Media are part of Virgin. Afraid there isn't any more concrete information to be had, though. When there is we will put it straight up on this website. "Towards the end of the year" is all they can say at the moment.
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by rippingyarns on 30 January 2004 3:39pm
Thanks Webmaster. Look forward to it. I've wanted a complete set for a while so hopefully something concrete will emerge! Fingers crossed for something before Christmas!
Re: Some help please - Ripping Yarns by xine on 4 February 2004 3:27am
Hi all, thanks for all the replies. Appreciate it. :)

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