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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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why do people do this . by irishmanufan on 27 May 2004 8:57pm
i was seeing a friend of mine yesterday and as we were driving along in her car the topic of bad driving came up . she said to me if someone drove to close to the back of her car or did something on the road to annoy her she would jam on the breaks and any accident would be the other drivers fault ( which is true as you have to leave space between you and the car infront ) . to be honest i thought she was showing off a bit as it would'nt be the first time .
later that evening she was dropping me to the bus stop to go home when the car infront of her was very slow moving away from traffic lights and the car behind kept blowing it's horn . she revved the engine and pulled away quickly . then jammed on the breaks trying to make the car hit her form behind . again she told me she did'nt care about having an accident as it would'nt be her fault . she also said she thought i wouls stick up for her . well i would not lie about any thing as serious as an accident especially if people got hurt .
i am not ahsmed to say i told her exactly what i thought of her and her driving ans was none too polite about it , we had a huge row . after that i don;t think i will be seeing her again and nor do i want to .
as a result of her stupidity i have a bruised breast and a strained shoulder they are both very sore . if you are ever tempted to comit an act of road rage think very carefully . i was lucky last night . the next time someone won;t be .
Re: why do people do this . by Helen on 27 May 2004 9:17pm
Linda-- what a stressful, scary experience!
Road raging is stupid and dangerous-- you did the right thing by speaking up.
I had a friend who raod raged, too. She used to do it on the highway doing 80 mph! I don't drive with her any more.
And I HATE it when people drive and chat on the phone at the same time. Hang up and drive!

stay safe,
Re: why do people do this . by Louise on 27 May 2004 9:49pm
There certainly are some loony drivers on the roads :-(

Has anybody else seen the two Palin documentaries "Car Sick" and "Road To Hell" ?
Re: why do people do this . by Ken Dunn on 27 May 2004 10:40pm
Linda, there is no excuse for any driver to behave in the way your ex-friend did, especially with passengers in the car. It takes a lot more than just passing the driving test to be a good driver. Years of experience has taught me that patience, courtesy and consideration on the road go a long way to making an enjoyable journey for everyone in the car and also all the other road users that they meet. I sincerely hope you injurys heal quickly and best wishes from Scotland.
Re: why do people do this . by irishmanufan on 28 May 2004 3:58pm
thanks for youre support everyone . i have been 11 years driving and i have never seen anyone drive so badly as my now ex friend did last wednessday . i was still shaking yesterday morning .
i am a person who drives as part of my job and am on the road 6 days a week i know it is annoying when people behind you beep but as both my father and my driving instructor told me just let them blow thier top and beep all they like . get on with driving your own car .
helen you are so right . in ireland you can now get penalty points for using youre mobile phone while driving . however the gardai will find this very hard to enforce .
when i am in the car and my phone rings i either pull in or if my dad is with me i give him the phone to answer or people can leave a message .
my shoulder is still sore but my breast is'nt hurting anymore .
Re: why do people do this . by Diamond on 31 May 2004 9:21pm
I do hope that you are now better Linda and leave your old friend alone - move on without her!!

Heres a hug for you from all us palinites (((((((LINDA)))))))))
Re: why do people do this . by irishmanufan on 31 May 2004 10:13pm
thanks lyn !
Re: why do people do this . by Llieno on 1 June 2004 12:49am
Honestly, how can the law allow people to be such idiots? And why do they endanger their lives, and those of others, by such stupid behavior? I shall never know...

You're a good person Linda (from what I remember from a year ago), and you don't need friends who place their fun over your life. I hope you're feeling better now!
Re: why do people do this . by tominator_49 on 1 June 2004 1:46pm
Sounds like you have a pretty violent ex friend! A bruised breast and a strained shoulder! What the hell was she doing?
Re: why do people do this . by Sophie-Louise on 1 June 2004 11:11pm
the drivers in lincoln are total arse holes or maybe that's just me :S I'm a learner and i go along doing the speed limit and evything as well as i can and people are so nasty and impatient to me! they come right up in my boot and make me nervous then i make mistakes. one man even beeped at me cos i stalled then swore at me! I got really angry and stuck my finger up at him, but ot an ear full from my dad.

be nice to learners, they are terrified! lol
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