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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Michael's exam results by Bissalama on 12 July 2004 6:47pm
Ok, Michael made a brief reference in one of his journeys to how bad his exam results were (in 80 days i think). I'm curious - how can they be bad? The man went to Oxford!
He did go to Oxford by weegigi on 13 July 2004 5:46pm
And our current president went to Yale.

Sorry, an obvious swipe!

(Not an apology to the President.)

Michael and George W comparison? by Bissalama on 14 July 2004 5:35pm
I take it you mean the US president there. Bush went to Yale? Did they lower their entrance standards in the 70s then? Or did daddy help again?
Re: Michael's exam results by Helen on 14 July 2004 5:43pm
I am sure Daddy helped. He bought his way into school, just like he bought the election. OUCH!
My dad worked at Yale in the 60s-70s-- in the registrar's office, no less. He said he thought that Dubya pretty much got in for his name. Saw him around campus and described him as a 'nice, dumb kid who was popular because he liked to party."

(I guess it's obvious I don't like Dubya very much)(neither does my dad)
Re: Michael's exam results by Helen on 14 July 2004 5:52pm
from wordiq--

He received a bachelor's degree in history in 1968. Although he had an SAT score of 1206, 200 points below that of the average Yale freshman in 1970, he benefited from an admissions policy that gave preference to the children of alumni (his score was at roughly the 70th percentile nationwide).

Re: Michael's exam results by George on 14 July 2004 8:36pm
I'm not trying to argue with anyone, but in 1968 an SAT score of 1206 would have put him in fairly good company. A score of 1000 was considered "average" for those taking the test. Depending on his high school class standing he could have been accepted into all but the most elite schools. In 1968, I scored 1085, graduated near the very bottom of my class (a playboy for sure), and was accepted at the Univ. of Texas. Most all of the so-called Ivy League schools accept roughly 1/3 of their freshmen based solely on their legacy or their ability to pay the monstrous tuition. The upper 2/3 qualify for scholarships. I had a number of friends who went to Columbia, Dartmouth, etc., but never graduated. Bush did however, and went on to Harvard Graduate School where he got a master's in economics, not speech.
Re: Michael's exam results by Helen on 14 July 2004 8:41pm
I still think Dubya is an idiot.
I think 1206 is a very good score too-- I must agree with what George says.
I think it was luck he got a respectable score. Or he had fun coloring in those little circles with his #2 pencil. (OUCH!)
(tongue in cheek)
Re: Michael's exam results by Izot on 15 July 2004 9:09am
LOL Helen, I like your wisecracks, very witty. There's only one thing that's worse than being witty, and that is not being witty. =D

There was a great debate on thesims.com about GWB, and someone pointed out after someone said he was an idiot that he seemed to be so because he took time out to think about what he's saying. Though he may not say the wisest of things, he does think about what he's going to say - not a lot of pollies do that. So I'll give him that - and thank God I don't have to vote this year!
Re: Michael's exam results by Bissalama on 15 July 2004 1:19pm
Ok, not being American (i'm Scottish) i'm not sure about the whole SAT scores thing. Here we just have plain A's and B's. I know Britain is just as bad though - most of the Royal family get into Oxford or Cambridge with averge grades!
Re: Michael's exam results by Clare on 15 July 2004 6:27pm
I think most of the influential families in the UK can get their kids into whichever Uni they would like! I'm sure it happens the world over, just be proud of yourself if you have managed it off your own back!
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