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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
URGENT Appeal for Help by Godfather on 20 July 2004 9:36pm



Hi Palinites,

Unusual post here. Some of you in the UK may already know about the problems in Sudan. Others may first of heard about it due to tonights BBC Sudan Famine newsclip.

As some of you may already know,the hardline Islamic Government of northern Sudan is thought largely to blame for the systematic eradication of Blacks in the south of the country (most are Christian). Up until recently,this was done through deliberate attacks and slaughter through hired militia groups. Now it has taken the form of "Starve them to extinction". Crops were burned by militia on a vast scale,and now the south of the country has slipped into extreme Famine (right now this very moment!!),which could possibly lead to a wider catastrophe of enormous proportions with thousands dead by next month. The paranoid northern government is making it very difficult for aid to get through. This is because they dont want it to get through. It would scupper their plans of Genocide. The Rainy season is on the way now,which will speed up this disaster and forecasters are predicting a loss of life which will be immense if no donations come from rich countries in the coming weeks. Getting donations "right now" will mean that it will buy them time,and there will be more chance of aid getting through "now".

I am well aware that such appeals are merely "patch up's" of deeper roots. All these things are, and the roots of the problem are never fully addressed. Namely,the Islamic government's attitude to Christian Blacks in the south of the country. This is the main root of the problem. But until that ideal world in which people sort out the roots of the problem,the aid agenices are appealing for everyone in the rich world to DO something fast NOW to avoid this massive loss of life in the next few weeks.

Whatever you can give. No matter how small,will help prepare the Aid agencies for the coming month and battering rainy season which could spread disease and increased loss of life. As a basic idea of what you "could" pay,the agencies say a basic £15 (about $22) would provide plastic sheeting,water containers, and water purification means for a family of five for the next five months or so. A donation that will help immediately and provide a lifeline. But,anything you can give no matter how small,will surely be part of an immediate lifeline.

Here is the website where you can make immediate online donations if you have the means.


You can also call the telephone number
0870 60 60 900,or go to your local bank where you can pay cash or write a cheque to the organization. In all cases,it needs to be done "Right Now" or tommorow because time is of the essence so that things can get into place before the rainy season begins wrecking the land.

This post is primarily a way to way to spread the appeal to those who may not be aware how serious the situation is there right now. It's entirely up to you if you dontate or not,and i certainly dont expect posts saying "I donated" (infact,i'd discourage that because then things get complicated,and it does'nt take a genius to work out why).

Anyway,there it is for your info.


Godfather :)

Re: URGENT Appeal for Help by George on 20 July 2004 9:59pm
Oh yes, we're very much aware it, too, here in the USA. Thanks.
Re: URGENT Appeal for Help by Godfather on 20 July 2004 10:21pm
Hi George,

Cheers. Yeah,luckily the U.S government (and the UN) have been taking the recent events in Sudan very seriously and have not ruled out the option of taking possible action (at last) against the Government in Sudan if things get worse. Possibly sending in Peacekeepers. It is indeed risky though,and i can understand why the U.S is a little bit wary after what happened in Somalia. But,fingers crossed. It's a problem which has been going on too long,and needs to be sorted.

Re: URGENT Appeal for Help by peripatetically on 21 July 2004 9:05am
Yes, it is no secret to us/we Americans. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention again, though.
Re: URGENT Appeal for Help by Zz3QZgkny2 on 21 July 2004 1:04pm
Yeah it is all over the news over here, to tell you the truth and without sounding nasty I am really bored of all of these appeals for donations. Now i make weekly supplements to the save Africa fund but i dont think it should be publisiecd left vright and center.
from the big cuddly Bruce
Re: URGENT Appeal for Help by George on 21 July 2004 9:26pm
Actually a lot of good things do happen in these dirt poor African countries. The trick is to make sure your donations go to the right people who aren't fronting for the tin horn chieftans who steal it for themselves.
Re: URGENT Appeal for Help by Ken Dunn on 25 July 2004 11:16pm
I missed this appeal because there was one similarly titled but the topic was to deal with a troll which was on our plates at the time!

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