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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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England - castles and palaces by Dianne on 19 January 2003 12:59pm
England has always fascinated me right from when I was a child. It all started with the fairy tales or Prince and Princesses and castles and knights. I enjoy reading biographies on members of the British Royal Family from the past. I enjoy watching documentaries about the castles, palaces, manors and other houses that have been around for centuries in England. King Arthurís legend has always fascinated me as well. Perhaps it is the romantic part of me that is fascinated by all this. It is my dream to one day travel to England and to see some of the most famous castles, or houses in England, (Blenheim Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Warwick Castle and many more) to visit the villages that have been around for centuries as well. There are Castles and Palaces in other parts of the world, but it is always the English ones I want to see.
Re: England - castles and palaces by little-peep on 19 January 2003 1:10pm
Hi, I decided i could answer this, as i actually know something about all this, yippie!
OK, Hampton court is good. The maze is not to hard, when you try to do it it a group. The buildings are beautiful, but the kitchen area smells!
Stone henge is great. There is an audio tour you can take, that really explains the structure in detail. I like Warwick castle, but it was expensive to go in, but worth it, i think.I was to scared to go on the ghost tour. Goodrich castle near Wales is nice, not really hyped up for tourists, and a good place to wander round and dream.
I also recommend the Roman baths in Bath, and Longleat.
Now i think about it, Briatin does have some good palces to go to. I'm sure there are more, but those are my favs.
Re: England - castles and palaces by ellenpc on 20 January 2003 1:36am
Hiya Dianne and Eloise :-}}

Gosh England. I grew up in Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and know Longleat, Stour head, Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, the various White Horses carved in the chalk hillsides, Glastonbury, Corfe Castle, Salisbury, Wells, Bruton, Bath Cathedrels and many more. My home town of Melksham was just two miles down the road from the village of Laycock and I used to bike around the streets where many period dramas (Pride and Prejudice, Emma) were filmed.

Bath is very close to my heart and my other "unofficial" home town as I was adopted from an office of the West Wilts Adoption Society in John St right beside the Bath Cathedral, just down from the Roman Baths and Pump Room.

I miss England terribly at times and have been known to get emotional watching the 'Antiques Roadshow' on the telly. Another trigger is watching programmes with footage of the English countryside where you can hear the bird calls and hedgerow sounds.

Don't get me wrong, I do love NZ. It's a very beautiful, peaceful, bountiful place and our standard of living is very high but my soul is somewhere else.

To bring this back to Michael. He reminds me of the sort of English people I really miss, witty and fiendly, open to new ideas and experiences, definately not imperial, hungry for history and with a huge dollop of joire de vivre for good measure.

Dianne we're going to have a lot more to chat about in Wellington (I promise not to be maudlin!! :-}} )

Eloise, when your next in Bath or at Longleat or a Tithe Barn, Tudor Building, Stately Home or Neolithic Monument, please blow a kiss from me with a promise to return someday.

Ellen x

P.S. It's all right everyone, you can come out now!! The emotionally ravaged ranter is going home, taking her hankie with her!! :-}} )

P.P.S. Thanks for listening. Now how much do I owe you for that session??

Only that much??

Gosh, you're certainly worth it and I'll definately recommend you to my emotionally unstable friends.

Same time next week??

Ok. Good.

Biyee. :-}
Re: England - castles and palaces by Dianne on 20 January 2003 3:24am
Speaking of Stonehenge as Ello was. Iíve head you cannot dance around it as Billy Connelly did in one programme of his. Tourists are kept a certain distance away from it. Is this true?

Iíve never heard of Goodrich castle Ello. Thanks for that info and for recommending it. I know it may be a few years before I go to England, but there is no harm in making list of where I want to go and what I want to see starting from now. Is there? Naaaa, of course not!

Ellen Ė Wow! We will be able to talk about other things apart from Michael! :-D
Re: England - castles and palaces by pandk2 on 20 January 2003 4:44pm
HI all, Karen here. Are we going to take over this whole site girls?
OK Travel stories...Here goes.
My first OS trip was to NZ when I was 4. Sadly, I can't remember much at all except for "ploppy mud" and being stung by a bee...sorry Ellen & Dianne!
Next stop was the UK (Newcastle mainly) to meet Mum's rellies when I was 9. I remember lots of pubs (shocking influence,my parents!) castles and cathedrals. Thailand stopover on the way home, Memories include HUGE insects and lots of people rubbing my blonde hair for good luck...rather scary at that age!
Back to the UK at 14, to live in Ayr, Scotland for just over a year with Dad's work (exchange teacher). I went to school in a little mining village called Dalmellington and the kids had hardly heard of Australia. I may as well have been from Mars! I spent most of the time just trying to understand the local dialect, but made some lifelong friends.
Summer hols that year was camping in France,Belgium,Holland,Germany and Switzerland. We had the oldest crappiest tent you've ever seen and my brother and I used to hide in the car to avoid the mirth of other campers! Lots of memories, including buying tripe by accident cos we couldn't read the label!
I went back to the UK when I was 20 for a cousin's wedding, with a stopover in Hong Kong on the way home.. Mega shopping!!!
Last trip back to the UK was when I was 22, which was basically an alcohol tour of England and Scotland...fun while it lasted, it would absolutely kill me now at the ripe old age of 37!
I've seen lots of Australia,of course, but my favourite place is England. I feel strong ties to her and was always very sad to leave. I know more about the geography of England than my own country! I have a lot of friends in Birmingham, Palinites at that!
It's been a long time since my travels but I'm sure they're not over!
See ya...Karen
P.S There is a fake castle here in Melbourne called Kryall Castle, complete with lusty wenches, jousting knights etc etc... if you're ever here DON'T GO THERE!! It's completely foul!
Re: England - castles and palaces by little-peep on 20 January 2003 8:23pm
Gosh! You've seen more of England than me, Karen! Glad you like it.
Yes, it is true that they keep you at a certain distance from Stonehenge, but its only a rope, and you can still take great photos.
Ellen, i only went "down south", as it were, for a holiday, but it is lovely! I think i know the cathedral you mean, with lots of buscars out side it now singing loudly! Very Roman atmosphere. :)
It was best holiday in England i've had. Mind you, i'm easily satified with a bit of history stuff! That's a sweet story. i WILL go back again, you've just helped the tourist board! lucky you
Re: England - castles and palaces by JenJen on 20 January 2003 9:39pm

Castles and stuff. Well one of the big tourist attractions in London (where I live breathe, work and will probably shuffle off this mortal coil before the end of the century) is the Tower of London. Not a castle, or palace, as such, but a darned good tourist attraction with lots of bloody history (and crown jewels) they are real folks. And the silly chaps dressed in their funny outfits. Ah yes. Nope never been there *hangs head in shame* Its the silliest thing really. When in Rome, you don't go to the Coloseum do you? No. You go elsewhere. Exactly my point. Why do I feel like I'm pushing water uphill?? *sigh* yes it's my heritage and perhaps I ought to visit more sites.

Also Windsor Castle (Queenie's 2nd home - not Freddy mind u - I mean our *curtsies deeply* Monarch. QE2. And her London gaff which is apparently pricey and not worth much.

Other places are Leeds Castle (which stupidly enough is not in Leeds, Yorkshire in the North of our country, but is in fact in the county of Kent which is in the South. Ah. Yes, lovely moat around it and stuff. Gardens to wander around.

Hever Castle in Kent. Like a smaller version of Leeds castle without the moat. But lovely grounds. In summer it's great. You can take a picnic and sit and watch the sun go down. Bliss. Free entry to grounds, but you pay to visit the castle.

Hampton Court (more of a home than a castle) near Richmond (just outside London) - you can take a boat cruise down the Thames which is jolly nice - and wander around the maze.

My fave castles are in Wales, all ruins and free to wander around but because they are ruins, they haven't been made up in someone else's ideas of what is wonderful.

Another country estate which is nice is Dyrham Park in Gloucestershire (or is it Wiltshire?). Anyway, it's another country estate, with lots of pictures of what it looked like in the 16th century + stuff. Part of it goes back to Tudor Times (Henry VIII).

Not familiar with other Castles and stuff in England/Wales, but the historical places to visit in Bath are good - my brother lives there. It's a lovely city, which they've tried to keep to the style (ie only Bath Stone or other cream/yellowy stuff can be used in the buildings in the centre of town. Very quaint. Hate the one way system!
Re: England - castles and palaces by jennywood on 22 January 2003 5:57pm
i agree with jenjen, castles in wales are lovely. My family is part welsh so i always visit and the ruins you can walk around. I love the arthur legends, and the ruins are magical. I am surpiresed no one has mentioned doune castle in scotland, where Holy grail was partly filmed. I want to go up and gawk at it for a while. I love having all this history in England, shame about the rain. I am a big history nut, i love stonehenge,and all the buriel mounds around it.we went to wales where they carved the rocks for stonehenge, and there was a mini henge in a field with chicken feathers around it .....freaky!
Re: England - castles and palaces by little-peep on 22 January 2003 6:23pm
I used to hate casles, but, since doing them for history courcework, I've decided I really like them.
On a different subject, has anyone been to St Barts hospital, London? They ahev the oldest church/ chapel in engalnd, I think! I like it. Well, I wasn't the patient in the hospital, I just got to hang around for a week and "see the sites"! St Pauls is nice, but, my God! they have a cafe in the crypt! i was stuck between laughing or being sick at the idea! LOL
Re: England - castles and palaces by infinity on 23 January 2003 8:17pm
Well as you know I live in England, in the northwest, on the coast. About 50 miles from Manchester and Liverpool. Its not all castles and palaces you know!

I once met this american girl from Ohio who actually thought everyone in England actually lived in castles and rode horses everywhere! I told her she needed to travel more....

On the castle subject though we have some great places with so much history all over the UK.

Glamis Castle in Scotland is must see, former home of the Queen Mother. Now thats a castle!

Also Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland by Kyle of Lochalsh is such a romantic place made famous by the film Highlander with Christopher Lambert.

Carlisle castle in England is not bad. So is Bodiam. Leeds castle, good one. Pickering Castle is worth a look in Yorkshire. Tintagel Castle, with its connection to King Arthur (wrongly or rightly, wrongly in my opinion). Winchester is also a good one in England.

In Wales CAERNARVON CASTLE wow! Also Conwy, a proper castle.

But my fav has to by Eilean Donan due to its location in the Scottish Highlands, just go there and you'll understand.
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