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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by my dear on 6 November 2004 9:12am
I haven't watched the series yet (I live in Canada), and I've never bought one of Michael's books before watching the series. I'm considering doing so this time - the fact is, I'm starving for intellectual stimulation, which M.P. has always managed to provide in the past.

Now, what I would like is an unbiased book-review from one of you forum personages.

My preference would be to hear from somebody who doesn't even like Michael Palin - that way I'd be assured of an unbiased review.

If somebody, in fact, actually hates Michael Palin with a passion and would like to tell me what they thought of his book, then I would really love to hear from you.

Failing that, I'll accept a review from anyone else - just don't tell me that it's the greatest book that has ever been written because I won't believe you.
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by zak on 6 November 2004 7:04pm
It's the greatest book ever been written.
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by zak on 6 November 2004 7:05pm
He he, sorry.
I would tell you but I haven't read it all yet, but i'm sure somebody who has will reply to your message.
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by tonivitti on 7 November 2004 12:55am
I was lucky enough to get the book in the middle of oct, and tried hard to resist reading it until the relevant parts of the programme were aired. It has so much information, I was glad to have it as a companion to the series rather than afterwards. Just the Dali Lama pages are quite incredible, such a wonderful insight into the man. Buy the book! Then buy all the others, The series have only half the stories... obviously due to the constraints of time. Highly recommended.
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by irishmanufan on 7 November 2004 2:12pm
em my dear if you are looking for a review from someone who does'nt like micahel palin boy are you at the wrong website. if you did'nt like michael palin what would you be doing here exactly ?
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by Helen on 7 November 2004 5:46pm
My dear, it seems to be pretty dang good! and what's even better, the whole dang thing is on this very website!

anyhoooo, it's so generous of him to do that... really, really generous!
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by Ken Dunn on 12 November 2004 2:06am
Hello my dear. The book is heavier than an average book. It also has more photographs than an average book (except for the likes of Basil Pao's Inside Himalaya which is a picture book). My favourite photograph in the book so far is of the two horsemen from the Chitral and ? polo match. It also has lots of interesting pages with text on that you can read to find out lots of interesting things about people in the Himalaya region. It is not the greatest book ever written - I have just said that so that you will believe my other comments.
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by my dear on 13 November 2004 8:53am

irishmanufan, the reason I wanted a review from somebody who hates Michael Palin was to get an unbiased opinion of his book... it was supposed to be funny... oh, never mind.

Ken, you say that the book is heavy - ah, but was it manufactured from an extra heavy paper as to artificially make it seem like a bigger... oh, forget about it.

Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by irishmanufan on 13 November 2004 10:09pm
i think you missed the point i was trying to make my dear. if you want to find someone who hates micheal palin you would be better not comming here as this is his offcial web site and you can take it as read the majority of the posters like michael plain here ! the book is really good . it really gives you more of a taste of where he went to on this journey the the programmes do . personally i enjoyed it but i am a michael plain fan !
Re: How's Michael's Himalaya Book? by my dear on 14 November 2004 10:41am

Linda - I finally understand what you're trying to say. If you truly are a Michael Palin fan, then your review isn't of any use to me.

What I need to find is somebody who really hates Michael.

If I can find somebody who hates Michael, but loves his new book, then that will be confirmation that the book is truly great. Until that happens I'm not going to buy the book.

Actually, I bought it today.

I won't begin to read it, however, until somebody who hates Michael Palin informs me that it's actually worth my time.

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