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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Palin Dream by Godfather on 1 December 2004 4:31pm

Well Michael was in a dream last night.

Guess what? We were trekking in Nepal. And Michael was knackered :). Along the way,we stopped at a tea shack and i met Ricky Gervais dressed as his character "David Brent" from The Office (complete with suit and tie). I was in a kind of waiting room in the shack (which really is'nt a common occurence on Nepalese treks).

David Brent came in and went straight up to the window . Looking over to me, saying "You dont mind if i get seen to first do you" with that cringe inducing grin of his. I said "Yes actually i do mind". He replied rather awkwardly "Oh...right..right..ok". He turned round and walked out. Last i saw of him . Bizzare. Anwyay, after i was seen to (something to do with shoes) i went back outside and it was like a street in Kathmandu all of a sudden.

I turned the corner to met by a glacier view up above. Michael came slogging along, and tried to leap over the wall,but fell backwards because his pack was too heavy. Michael was cursing it all but said he was still enjoying the trek. I got up the wall pretty quickly. But i had a walking stick with me, which i stuck into the ground. As i helped Michael up, a Nepalese guy whispered to me that i'd stuck my stick into sacred ground rather obviously (at the time i had noticed many porters murmering something). I was blushing with embaressment. Anway, after that i cant remember what happened. Just thought i'd share one of my bizzare dreams with you all.
Re: Palin Dream by caz9144 on 1 December 2004 5:28pm
fasinating dream!!!...have you been to Nepal?
Re: Palin Dream by Godfather on 1 December 2004 6:25pm
Yes. And i was just as knackered as Michael was, on that particular Trek. So Michael should be praised for doing it at his age (and with a cold). I was 25 when i did it,and at times i was really hammered on some stretches at the later stages. It's a decieving trek. It seems fairly easy,but the altitude effects creep up on you all of a sudden.
Re: Palin Dream by caz9144 on 1 December 2004 6:40pm
My wife and I did the Annapurna Sanctuary a few weeks before Michael Palin....It would have been great to meet him up there!!. I was ok with the altitude in Nepal although my wife suffered at MBC, yet I had one night of altitude sickness in Peru this year at a lower height.
Re: Palin Dream by Godfather on 2 December 2004 1:21am
I found i noticed the symptoms moreso staying at the ABC later on. Mostly just a headache,and not sleeping so well. But on a few stretches of the trek earlier on i just felt my energy had dipped considerably more than anything. I think it may have been the part where Michael stops to talk to those Israelies, and is also knackered. It's such a b**tard of a steep incline that just seems to be never ending.

I cant remember the name of the area. But once you made it to the top, you were greeted with a fantastic view,and the lodges were looking down over a long descent of steps. The next day you went dooooown and then uuuuup again for the remainder of the trek towards ABC. On the night at ABC, virtually everyone else was sick due to choosing Dal Bhat which must have been the last lot of rice scraped from the bottom of the barrell due to the lodge closing down for winter. I usually ate Dal Bhat on the trek. But that night i chose otherwise for some reason. I think i was the only one to avoid getting ill. Everyone else spent all night going to and from the toilet. Not nice on a freezing night at altitude. Poor sods.

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