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  The Chatter Box : Travel
On a Bus by maple_muse on 14 January 2005 1:17am
Is it just me or do others enjoy a long bus journey? It seems that the more I travel, the more I enjoy those long arduous bus trips. Maybe in the back of my mind, I am thinking....if it takes me this long to get here, it must be some special place.

I remember a recent trip from Santiago, Chile to the Atacama region. I spent 50+ hours on buses and 4X4 within a 7 day period.

Does anyone have a memorable bus journey to share?
Re: On a Bus by Godfather on 14 January 2005 3:46am
Hmmm. Loads. But one that came to mind immediately,was coming back from Tibet to Nepal in 2002. After crossing back over to Kodari,it became clear that half of Nepal had succumed to landslides. So the first bus i got on in the dark hours of early morning had only me as a passenger,and a goat which the owner tied up next to me. Poor goat slipped all over the place as we moved, and looked quite bemused. 3 minutes later,the bus stopped and that was the end of the line. Landslides had washed the road away entirely. Obviously everybody but the silly foreigner knew this. That's why i was alone with the goat. Clearly, i'd been had :)

Re: On a Bus by jim on 14 January 2005 7:00pm
I also like to travel by bus.On of my favourite journey's is on the top deck from Brighton to Eastbourne,with sea views then the glorious views of the South Downs.Also the top deck of a London bus.I travel everyday in Central London,and although slow at times,there is always something to see.
Re: On a Bus by Wild in Africa on 1 February 2005 7:32pm
I travelled a lot around Australia by bus years ago. Cairns to Brisbane, Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to Canberra, Canberra to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide, Adelaide to Alice (and out to Uluru) and finally Alice to Darwin before flying to Bali.
The best legs were the desert trips especially Adelaide to Alice Springs that took 27 hours. Remember waking in the night to see a Great Red Kangaroo caught in the headlights in the dust, and then pulling into Coober Pedy for breakfast, which was an unearthly place in a moonscape of topaz mines.
Re: On a Bus by Ageless Backpacker! on 1 February 2005 10:46pm
Buses in developed countries (especially Aus) are a nightmare. You have to sit in your allocated seat, are told off for puting your feet up or falling asleep in someone elses seat... However in SE Asia they are great - nobody minds if you sleep on the floor - much more room down there! Who is to complain when the driver falls asleep and you veer down a bank into a rice field!
Re: On a Bus by Godfather on 2 February 2005 1:09am

I agree, Ageless Backpacker (jesus, that's a lot to type everytime...can i call you AP?). Buses in developed countries are usually the most uneventfull chores. I enjoy the thrill of heading at 60mph towards a Holy Cow in India, and the bus driving up onto the middle section because of a blockage in the road. Or nearly being flung off the side of a Nepalese mountain track into the Abyss as the driver overtakes on a corner. The insane crush of a bus overloaded to 5 times it's capacity on a Rangoon city bus. Or the exciting "Miracle Cures" that people in those countries seem to jump onto the bus and give a little demonstration about. Here in the UK, you get on the bus and there is a grumpy bastard driver taking your money (look i aint got change for a £5....my arse you dont have change). We all sit there staring out the window or on mobile phones,and nobody says a word to each other.

Boring and uneventfull!!!


Re: On a Bus by sarahs on 2 February 2005 2:34am
my memorable bus journey - 2 hour bus ride in london when there was a tube strike. To make it even better, someone was clipping their nails and another applying nail polish, with others around me with a cold or talking loudly on the phone.

Most memorable trip ever. London buses just beat any journey!

Re: On a Bus by Wild in Africa on 2 February 2005 12:20pm
Yeah, OK, Third World bus travel can be more adventurous and I have had my fill. I used to travel on the Kenya coast between Malindi and Lamu by bus. It is a 200 km journey that normally takes about 9 hours. One Christmas vacation though it took me 36 hrs as the roads were washed out. I spent a night sleeping on the concrete floor of a bar by the Tana river crossing, waiting for the river to go down, having consumed both Miraa (Qat) which keeps you awake, and Tusker beer, that puts you to sleep, so had a very disturbed night. The next day was spent literally pulling the bus with ropes through the swamp that the road had become arriving to cross to Lamu late evening. Ever since then I have flown to Lamu, which remains my favourite place in the whole world.

I have though contrary to your opinion had interesting first world bus experiences; the trip around Australia being one, and also a Greyhound trip from Billings Montana to Portland Oregon, 7 years ago. Waking in the early morning driving along the Columbia river valley was awesome and I enjoyed the Greyhound experience.
Re: On a Bus by jim on 11 February 2005 7:25pm
I have just returned from a holiday in the Far East and one bus journey we took was from Hong Kong Central to Stanley,on the south of the Island.
The route gave us a bird's eye view of Happy Valley racecourse and the road was a rollercoaster route.
Also took a ride on the trams.at HK$2 they are a bargain.They say they are the only double-deck trams in the world in regular use-not true.Blackpool still have them running to Fleetwood.
Re: On a Bus by Ken Dunn on 20 February 2005 7:52pm
My longest and most memorable bus journey was from Vancouver to Calgary through the Rocky Mountains in Canada with spectacular scenery.
Also the buses on Malta, although not renowned for comfort, are memorable for their journey cheapness.

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