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  The Chatter Box : Travel
More great advice from Michael by Dianne on 8 February 2003 1:22am
On ‘Know Before You Go’ Michael also mentioned this, “Know your luggage. When you pack, make sure you know what you’ve put in and where it all goes and try and keep it the same every time you re-pack. This may mean getting up fifteen minutes earlier on the day you move on but it does mean that you notice straightaway when things are missing or need to be replaced, and save yourself a lot of panic and stress.”

Great advice Michael! Whenever I go away, whether it be a long or short trip I always have this feeling I’ve left something behind as I leave the motel or wherever it is I stayed. I have not yet left anything behind, but still I do worry as I look around to make extra sure there is not something more for me to pack. I always make a list before I leave so I remember to pack everything I will need on the holiday, but have never thought about making a list to keep with me at all times to help me to know where I put everything. I know you did not say to make a list, but this will be the best way for me to make sure I remember everything on my future travels.

Thanks for the advice!
Re: More great advice from Michael by peripatetically on 8 February 2003 2:55am
USA: I found that it's a good idea to know exactly what your luggage LOOKS like too. Once I arrived in Amsterdam to change flights and found my luggage missing. I had to make a report at the airport baggage claim desk and they needed a detailed description. Thank goodness it had unusual features for that time, so it was easy to locate. But there's a lot of luggage that looks so similar these days. I think everybody would be wise to make a drawing of the outside pockets, wheel locations, zippers and handles and shapes, of their luggage for easy identification. I did that for my brother who just went on a cruise. I drew it on an index card, colored it with colord pencils and wrote his personal info on the reverse. He carried it in his wallet in case he had to refer to it. The main reason I did that was because he borrowed the piece from me and wasn't familiar with it. But, luggage claim needs the best description you can give them, so heed my advice !! Hopefully, you won't ever be in need of reporting anything lost.

Re: More great advice from Michael by hoggle10 on 8 February 2003 5:13pm
Patty, what a good idea to draw your luggage:-)

Re: More great advice from Michael by Dianne on 9 February 2003 2:11am
Great idea Patty.

How about putting labels on our luggage with our name and our destination? You could make a special label that would stick out a mile. Either because of the colour or for some other reason.
Re: More great advice from Michael by peripatetically on 9 February 2003 2:56am
USA: Dianne, one thing I have always done is wind strands of red wool around and around and around... the handle tightly and then tie it with several knots so it can't come loose. Then, I can spot it immediately when it comes along the luggage conveyor belt. It gives me time to get into position to retrieve it and to excuse myself to the other travelers waiting for their luggage too.

Also, there are now heavy plastic cards which can be attached to handles and they are almost impossible to remove unless you have a knife or something like that. It definitely won't come off unless it is tampered with, and it, too, is a great way to spot your luggage from a distance. I have some that are shaped like "Yield" signs. Bright yellow with the word YIELD", just like the real ones on the street. Other designs are available at luggage stores.

Re: More great advice from Michael by Dianne on 9 February 2003 3:10am
I've had another thought Patty. Instead of drawing pictures of your luggage, how about taking photos? Sounds silly I know, but if you use the same luggage again and again, you only need to take the photos once and they would be great to show people at the airport baggage claim desk. You could also show them to your friends and when your luggage has children, you could show all the airport staff because you’re a proud dotting grandparent . . . sorry. I was carried away there. :-) Not by luggage either!
Re: More great advice from Michael by peripatetically on 9 February 2003 4:42pm
USA: Dianne, that's a really good idea. Do it far enough in advance to get the pictures in time to take with you. Good thinking!

Re: More great advice from Michael by kahaich on 10 February 2003 6:35am
If your luggage happens to be of the expensive variety (which mine isn't) then a photo is great proof if it does actually get lost and you claim on insurance.
Re: More great advice from Michael by MissFruitcake on 10 February 2003 10:44am
hahahahahahahaha Dianne!!!

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