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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Most annoying adverts on British TV by Godfather on 27 January 2005 2:11am

Here is my vote :

1 : "Quote me happy" (Quote me happy? my Arse!!!!I'll quote you happy....get a load of this....i'm never happy when i'm phoning anybody up for quotes because they're ALL miserable call centre staff). And nobody is EVER happy after getting a quote from a bored call centre operator (who is nowadays usually speaking to you in Bengali anwyay)

2 : TML (with all those people pretending to be everyday people struggling with debt,whom they plucked off the street and interviewed in a shopping centre booth,when in reality they're all hideous amateur actors..you hear me? You're ALL TERRIBLE ACTORS. And i dont care if i'll have a little extra cash leftover at the end of the month to spend "Just as i like". I'm going to spend it as i like regardless. Furthermore.....perhaps i DONT want to spend it as i like. Then what are you going to do about it aye? C'mon ANSWER ME...TML!!)...

4 : "I slipped on a bean at work and won 40,000 pounds compensation.". Yeah right. 40,000 pounds and THEN they started taking off the fees which left you with 50p.

5 : "Terms and Conditions apply" (in small letters). In other words,everything you've spent the last 2 minutes going on about, is actually a devious lie isn't it. ISN'T IIITTT!!

6 : "Are you over 60? If so,it's nice to start thinking about your imminent death and all the money you should give to relatives. And,if you sign up now you'll get this charming gold carriage clock,which wont be of the slightest use to you,and was probably made in a sweatshop in Bangladesh anyhow".

7 : "Wurthers Originals". Not shown currently. But must rate as one of the most cringe worthy (excuse the pun) advert ever made. "I remember when all this was fields...and you too can be transported back to the good old days my young innocent grandchild, by eating this lovely looking Toffee, which was probably banged out unceremoniously in a soulless factory with no care or love whatsoever,and the staff payed $2 an hour by slave driving company officials to produce millions of identical toffee circles...rather than having any resemblance to this country cottage we're sitting in,with summer light streaming through the windows. You've got your whole life ahead of you. This Toffee will ensure sucess. Or you may get divorced in your first marriage and end up producing Wurther's Original Toffees on a factory production line"

8 : "Heli-Beds". What was that? Heli-Beds. Ok. Sounds great. What's the name again? HELI-BEDS!!. Are you F*****G deaf?

I'm having fun writing this. It's most theraputic :)

Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by Godfather on 27 January 2005 2:37am
QUOTE ME HAPPY!!! (Crying)




Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by George on 27 January 2005 5:50am
Having fun, yet?
Re: My fave adverts on British TV by Spursfan on 27 January 2005 10:47am
Contrarily, my fave advert is the one for Turkey (the country not Bernard Matthews!!) - and not just because it's one of my favourite places! It's a really clever, beautiful advert.

Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by Palinite14 on 27 January 2005 1:14pm
1. Anything for Car Insurance, closely seconded by anything for Air Fresheners.

2. The Pizza Hut sponsorship plugs they show before 'The Simpsons' on Channel 4.

3. DFS 'This fantastic sofa, now only £799!' Grrr. Also any other furniture superstores, carpet kings, et cetera.

4. Channel 4's highly irritating recent ads for 'The Friday Night Project'... 'This show is so cool we're not even going to tell you what it is yet, to tell you the truth we aren't completely sure ourselves...don't miss it!'

5. Anything shown on Five during the commercial breaks for 'America's Next Top Model'.

Thankfully, none of the above are anywhere near as bad as the atrocities aired on radio stations, which is why I only listen to Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4 now, despite the occasionally utterly inane chatter of the presenters on One when, it seems, they've dropped all the CDs on the floor and are stalling for time whilst some lackey picks them all up and broadcasts them.

But every advert I've ever seen for Honda is SUPERB. 'Hate something...change something...hate something, change something, make something better!' :D And the latest ones with 'Sid'... genius.
Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by canaveralgumby on 28 January 2005 7:25pm
I never imagined that you get the same type commercials in the UK that we get in the US!

Do you get the constant barage of car sales ads, too? "We have too many cars in our inventory! We have to GIVE them away!"
Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by KateC on 29 January 2005 4:10pm
'Yes Car Credit' is one of the most irritating ads ever, and the outfit she's made to wear....EURGH!
Hmm...I can't think of any other really annoying adverts at the moment, i'll go watch TV for 10 minutes and see what I can spot...
Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by Ken Dunn on 30 January 2005 4:42am
The ones for 'ladies personal toiletries'.
There must be hunderds of millions used every month so why can't they just let the ladies try a few or read the label to find their choice.
Also the ones where you can't figure out what the product is that is being advertised and when you do the advert was so good you have forgotten the product by the end of the next advert.
Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by George on 30 January 2005 6:40am
Just got through listening to Everton winning its FA cup match against Sunderland, 3-0 on the internet. I must say the radio ads for "SWITCHCAR!!!" are no more or less bombastic than anything delivered over here. After a few minutes you really can't tell the difference, if this helps the argument at all.
Re: Most annoying adverts on British TV by KateC on 30 January 2005 4:20pm
Not an annoying advert as such, but the Fruit and Fibre cereal advert is back on, after a year or two break! The one with the song 'Gotta have a bowl of Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre...' with the bloke who is naked except for his cereal box. I saw it yesterday on my hunt for other annoying adverts, in between lots of 'compensation claim' and insurance adverts...
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