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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Real Acting.. by thebookworm on 23 February 2003 7:18pm
What sort of films do fellow Palinites like..I really love to watch films with great acting,sorry no Science Fiction..I find a lot of Blockbusters full of special effects,just to hide the bad acting..Like Men in Black 2...Has anyone seen Russel Crowe in Beautifull Mind,,his acting was brilliant,really emotional...No special effects just brilliant acting...
Re: Real Acting.. by Quaylemonster on 23 February 2003 7:23pm
If you want some really great acting, might I suggest Mr. Edward Norton? Everything the guy has done has been phenomenal. He's saved a couple of movies that otherwise wouldn't have been very good. I could sit here and go on about movies all day, but I'll just leave it at that.

May all your popcorn be hot and buttery,

P.S. Braveheart. I can't not mention it.
Re: Real Acting.. by Quaylemonster on 23 February 2003 7:24pm
By the way, I have not yet seen A Beautiful Mind, but I heard he was really good in that.
Re: Real Acting.. by thebookworm on 23 February 2003 7:32pm
Has anyone seen the films Life is Beautiful starring Roberto Benigni,this Italian film is superb,Benigni is excellent,great acting,sad film..BRILLIANT...And the film As Good As It Gets,starring Jack Nicholson..Another great film if you love acting....
Re: Real Acting.. by Helen on 23 February 2003 7:36pm
Robert DeNiro... Christian Bale... Emma Thompson...Gary Oldman....Johnny Depp...
Kate Winslet...Maggie Smith... Ellen Burstyn...ah yes.. love them!!
Yes, i think Russell and Edward are incredible, too! Totally!
What similar tastes we have, eh?
And I love renting really bad movies, just to make me laugh in an absurd Ed Wood kinda way. Has anyone seen Enough with Jennifer Lopez? hysterical! Swept Away with Madonna? A laugh a minute!!! XXX with Vin? A chuckle fest! Sweet Home Alabama? A knee slapper! Erin Brockovich? (the "real life" portrayal of a single mom on assistance was ludicrous!)
Bravo! (NOT)
Peace and Glen or Glenda,
Re: Real Acting.. by thebookworm on 23 February 2003 7:40pm
Gary Oldman is a great actor,When ever I think of Gary I think of the superb scene in the film Leon ,when he is taking the pills,the look on his face,pure MADNESS...
Re: Real Acting.. by Officer 412-L on 23 February 2003 9:25pm
As for acting, John Malkovich is my favorite actor--i think he's brilliant. My favorite Malk movie by far is Der Unhold (The Ogre).

As for other movies that I enjoy, well the list could be rather huge, i LOVE my movies! i'll try to limit it:

my favorite film: BRAZIL!!!
others i love: 12 Monkeys, Jabberwocky, Time Bandits, The Fisher King (okay, okay, anything Terry Gilliam), Velvet Goldmine, Delicatessen,The City of Lost Children, Dark City, Being John Malkovich, Adaptaion, Donnie Darko, and the list goes on and on

Re: Real Acting.. by Kristine on 23 February 2003 9:35pm
YES! Someone who finaly shares my passion for Brazil! :)

I've always liked: Cary Grant, Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams, Kevin Kline, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Gene Kelly, Gene Wilder, Robert DeNiro, Al Pachino, Steven Fry, Mike Myers, Anthony Hopkins, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Gregory Peck, Ralph Finnes, Hugh Grant, John Travolta...The List goes on forever and ever...

OH! How could I forget Michael Palin? :-D
Re: Real Acting.. by thebookworm on 23 February 2003 10:29pm
Did anybody see 1 Hour Photo with Robin Williams,I thought the actual film was quite good,BUT Robin Williams played a brilliant part,this is what made the film..He was so convincing...He was so Creepy..Superb Acting....I loved this film so much I went to see it 4 times..I think Robin Williams plays serious roles so much better than his funny ones..Everybody I talk to seems to think the man only makes Comedy films..1 Hour Photo is a short film..1 40 minutes...If you havent seen it...YOU MUST SEE IT...David...
Re: Real Acting.. by Kristine on 23 February 2003 10:42pm
David! I totaly agree with you! Robin's dramatic rolls are so underaited! I've also been itching to see 1 hour photo myself, good thing it comes out on video/dvd this tuesday. I might just go rent it sometime this week...
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