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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
A very important message! sorry its not from michael though by hendo on 24 February 2003 7:53pm
I know we all get bombarded with various banners telling us to help change the world in some way. But how many of you actually click on them, and if so what will you do? There are so many things wrong with the world, and if we just sit back and let them happen then I would say we are all the poorer for it. Do you want to be part of the cure or part of the disease? (copyright Coldplay lol)

Why am I randomly spouting Bono-like things? I'm not sure myself. Its important stuff though - it may not be "cool" to support Oxfam or DATA or Greenpeace or Amnesty International or any number of good causes, but it is really important that we get up off our arses and try to make a difference. Now, before I turn into a tree-hugger, I am off to think up something stupid to post. lol

http://www.maketradefair.com/ - If Africa, East Asia, South Asia, and Latin America each increased their share of world exports by just one per cent, the resulting gains could lift 128 million people out of poverty

http://www.datadata.org - Africa spends $14.5 billion each year repaying debts and only receives $12.7 billion in aid. Only urgent action can prevent AIDS from leaving 25 million African children orphaned by 2010.

Thats just two that are in my mind right now. And if you are sick of hearing about all this stuff, then thats tough luck, because it isnt going away in a hurry. So write to your MPs, senators, congressmen, presidents prime ministers chancellors and anyone else you can think of.

Re: A very important message! sorry its not from michael though by Quaylemonster on 24 February 2003 9:23pm
Firstly, Hendo, I would like to say thank you for the Coldplay quote, you're one of the good ones. Secondly, I'd like to add a couple on to your list if you don't mind:

http://www.amnestyusa.org - Amnesty International's website for us Americans, and I'm pretty sure there's a link on there for whatever country you happen to be in. I'm sure you've all heard of them, but it's a wonderful organization dedicated to preserve and protect human rights all over the world.

http://www.now.org - This is the National Organization for Women's site. For anyone concerned with women's rights, these are the people to go to.

Those are just a couple of many organizations worthy of time and effort, I may post a few more later as I think of them.

And now.....back to the silliness!
Re: A very important message! sorry its not from michael though by Diamond on 25 February 2003 3:25am
Can I just digress but just slightly
COldplay - love them all three of my offspring are going to see them in concert (london) there were spare tickets and they wont let me go with them - not fair I really enjoy their music - parachutes and a rush of blood are great albums

sorry do carry on with the original thread
Re: A very important message! sorry its not from michael though by Eloise on 25 February 2003 9:48pm
I do try, to help.....but, well..like most, my views speak louder than my intentions!
Not preaching, but I've found doing GCSE RE has really put the world in perspective. There are many issues that need addressing. In the RE, we look at many different charities supporting different ideas. Christian Aid, Amnesty, CAFOD, Liberation Theology. And individuals too, like Martin Luther King. Just shows individuals CAN make a difference.

To get back on track.
Yes, I do want to do something. I won't broadcast it, it's private (nothing illegal, btw!), but I don't do it via the internet.
From RE, you can see the good that CAN be done, if you let it.
The boring leacturer

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