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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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What do Americans Want? by tucsonmike on 26 January 2006 3:17pm
This thread is to take the GW Bush thread to the next level.
My main concern is the middle class in the United States not "vanishing." My main worries and issues are bread and butter issues. Social Security, Health Care, fair taxation, wise government spending, and seed money and opportunities to build businesses.

My goals are really across the board. In other words, they cover both major political parties, Democrats and Republicans in some ways. I find, I don't really fit either major party. I am too liberal for the Republicans, too Conservative for the Democrats.

On foreign matters, I tend to be an Internationalist, (otherwise, I wouldn't be here):-) I would like to see our own house put in order.

Having said all this, It is fine and dandy to complain here in Blathering On! To use a quote from the thoroughly discredited Lenin, "What is to be done?"

Americans can always form a Meetup group.
Actually, Meetup came out of the Howard Dean campaign. His campaign was really built by the Internet.

We seem to have a sort of malaise in this country. Is it major decline? (The Western Roman Empire took 200 years to fall. It didn't happen overnight). We as taxpayers and voters need to know what we are about.
Time for a consensus.
Re: What do Americans Want? by perfectbitch on 26 January 2006 3:26pm
I am not qualified to comment on US internal politics as I only know what I read in our media. I think there is a similar feeling here but also there is a lot of anger about. It seems that we have far less control over our lives than we did in the past. I think all over the world, business should be encouraged to put more back. To read of the enormous profits made by such companies as Coca Cola, drug companies, investment companies, etc. is quite nauseating when people are existing on the bread line. It seems that party politics is failing in this country where we have the traditionalist tory right wing and the old labour left wing both scrapping for the middle ground. I'd rather vote for an individual than a party. Linz
Re: What do Americans Want? by peripatetically on 26 January 2006 3:43pm
I never vote for a party. I go for the man and his ideas. I guess I don't fit either party either, Mike. I leaned one way but cross over to the other side on other things. I really believe most people are like that.
Re: What do Americans Want? by intrepid on 26 January 2006 8:36pm
Not trying to be contradictive, Tusconmike, but I'd assume that any country which DIDN'T think that it was suffering from malaise would be a one-party state. Is there any country with a free press where people aren't cynical about politicians? I really don't know- I mean, we're trained from early on that it's ok to put politicians down.
Re: What do Americans Want? by Tauriel on 26 January 2006 8:45pm
Well, why don't you start your own party, Mike? ;-) That's what people do here - if they don't agree any more with their party, they start a new one. And thus we ended up with about twenty of them. :-P :-D (Though, there are only six of them that have their representatives in our parliament)
Re: What do Americans Want? by canaveralgumby on 26 January 2006 9:27pm
We are the fattest, most unhealthy, almost most illiterate for an industrialized nation, most wasteful, most violent (again - industrialized) and richest people in the world.

Why does everybody resent us so?!?!?

Remember the Fall of the Roman Empire? Bet it looked an awful lot like this.
Re: What do Americans Want? by tucsonmike on 28 January 2006 4:08pm
Linz, I am glad you put your note up. I would be curious to read the British version of this thread.

Intrepid, you have a good point. In Families and How to Survive Them, they have about ten pages they call Politics and Paranoia. The theme? You have to have something you are hot about to go into politics in the first place. Kind of like Enoch Powell saying the Thames would run red for extreme politicians.

The silliest example of a politician was Sonny Bono (as in Sonny and Cher). Sonny Bono started on the Palm Springs (California) City Council. His issue? He was angry because he couldn't get a restaurant license easily. Then he was Mayor, then elected to Congress. National Lampoon called him one of the ten dumbest congressmen when Bono whined about why did they need to work on all these laws? LOL! Then of course he lost a fight with a tree.

Cori, if you are right, it is happening like the Roman Empire. That happened basically in slow motion. It might have even been the same. Perceptive (or paranoid, depending on which "P" you like) people would have felt something was wrong, in the beginning but wouldn't be able to put a finger on it. Of course closer to the end, you would have felt it more.

Maria, I will put up a separate post as to why Third Parties tradionally haven't worked in the United States.
Re: What do Americans Want? by Helen on 28 January 2006 4:34pm
This american wants to apologize to the rest of the world.

I didn't vote for him. I tried. I really did.

Re: What do Americans Want? by pluimj on 4 February 2006 8:48am
concerning the juxtaposition of modern day America and the fall of Rome. There is a great book that came out a few years ago, "Collapse" by Jared Diamond (He won the pulitzer prize for "Guns, Germs and Steel"). It is an analysis of why societies fall. It is full of case studies and Diamond has developed a comprehensive 5 point analysis of why societies fall. The book is a bit long and can be quite dry at time. I suggest getting it on CD or tape.
Re: What do Americans Want? by tucsonmike on 5 February 2006 5:07am
Helen, I wont tell you voted 10 times in as many states, LOL! When Florida was a mess in 2000, I called my friend Susi and left a message saying "OK, enough, you can stop stuffing ballot boxes now!"

Thank you for the tip on Collapse. I liked Jared Diamond and liked Guns Germs and Steel.
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