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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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New Series by amojahed on 26 January 2006 10:31pm
May I suggest a couple of ideas for new series?

One is the Middle East. As a logical extension to Himalayas, a trip through Iran (many, many places from Persepolis to the Caspian Sea coast, underground lakes and 2500-year architecture, corals in the Persian Gulf island of Kish), Dubai (up and coming trendy tourist attraction), Arabia's Empty Desert and its Hajj pilgrimage, Turkey (many places as well, from Rumi [who was Persian but died in Turkey] and Whirling Dervishes to Istanbul and Izmir), Iraq (is hairy right now but Kurdistan could do), Lebabon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, I'm sure will do very well. Diverse groups of people with many natural wonders in Iran, Turkey and Israel.

Even though the Carribeans have been "travelled" ad nauseum, I think an Atlantic series that covers Iceland, the Canaries, the Azures, the Carribeans, etc. might do well too.

I love the entire collection.
Re: New Series by Ellerd on 27 January 2006 10:48am
Michael Palin in the Middle East would be a fantastic series! Time to deflate some of these dreadful stereotypes the West tends to associate with that part of this world. I don't know about MP going to Iraq though - but when things settle down there, that will be a top spot to visit!
Re: New Series by arty_farty on 27 January 2006 11:54am
he should do one under the sea or in the atmosphere.
come on the mental picture of Michael in a coral reef talking to fish is histerical.
Re: New Series by amojahed on 28 January 2006 6:06am
Oh, come on. I guess you haven't watched Full Circle then Arty. Michael had brunch, complete with champagne, at a table set up down in the corals of the Phillipins. With the fish. :)
Re: New Series by Tauriel on 28 January 2006 12:17pm
He mentions in his November message that they're thinking about Eastern European tour. Which would be awesome, because he's always been doing all these very exotic trips, but having him do Eastern Europe would be interesting, since it might not be as exotic as Sahara or Himalaya, there are still many beautiful places to visit here. And he's right in saying that people of the "west" don't know too much about this region.

I think doing a series about the new 10 members of the EU would be very interesting, since most of them (apart from Cyprus and Malta) are post-Communist countries. It would be nice to show the change these countries have come through.
Re: New Series by amojahed on 29 January 2006 3:52am
Yes, I saw the bit about the Eastern Europe tour. I think that is a great idea too. I'm also interested to see the change that these countries are "purportedly" gone under. I mean, these are also countries that are all implicated in the recent outsourcing of torture for and by the US agencies. While they were quickly inducted into the EU, they don't seem to share many of the values of the rest of Europe. Yet, they are exotic in their own way. From the land of Copernicus to the shores of Black Sea and the extreme poverty of Muldova and Albania. Hey, Michael sipped Muldovan wine with, hmmm, Igor?, in Kamchatka in Full Circle. Time to see where it came from. Don't miss Malta if you do the Eastern Europe tour. Thanks.
Re: New Series by Tauriel on 30 January 2006 1:10am
"While they were quickly inducted into the EU, they don't seem to share many of the values of the rest of Europe."

Sorry, but what do you mean by that? How could we become members of the EU if we didn't share the values with the rest of the EU??? Do you know how long and complicated is the process of integration? Do you know how many (often painful) reforms we had to go through? Do you think we'd go through all that if we didn't share the same values? Pfft.

Oh, and by the way, neither Moldova nor Albania are part of the EU (and they won't be for quite a few decades). And by the way, Malta isn't part of Eastern Europe. ;-)

When I said Eastern European tour, I mostly meant the eight new EU members (apart from Cyprus and Malta, because these two aren't Eastern Europe) - that is, the Visegrad Four (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary), Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovenia. :-)
Re: New Series by arty_farty on 31 January 2006 10:05am
no i didn't watch full circle as i only discovered Monty Python about 5 years ago. the only Michael thing i watched was himalaya.
Re: New Series by smm on 1 February 2006 1:34am
I,ve just found something on the web which claims that Michael wants to travel to Eastern Europe this year.If all goes well it should be screened in Autumn 2007
Re: New Series by Sophie-Louise on 1 February 2006 5:20pm
woah that's sooner than i thought!!

i think he should do the UK! afterall he lives here! it would be interesting to see what he thinks of it... like he said at the end of 80 days... 'it's good to be home'... said in sarcastic manner to the horrid newpaper man!!!!

i personally hate this country lol
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