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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by tucsonmike on 2 February 2006 1:01am
I thought of this with the Python routine, "how not to be seen." My wife's knee has been bothering her for three weeks, but last night, it got so bad, I had to call an ambulance, because I barely caught her getting out of the shower.
She sat in the Emergency room of University Hospital, crying out for four and a half hours, before they put her in the Opthomology room, nowhere else to put her.
At 5 A.M. (mind you, we had been there for ten hours, hadn't slept for more than 24), this nurse goes and lifts her leg with her screaming. I reacted, not thinking and punched the nurse in the chest. It takes a lot to get me upset. The next thing I knew, TPD (Tucson Police Department) had me in handcuffs.
My wife, got to be brought home by a wheelchair service, I got to spend the rest of my morning in the lockup at the Pima County Jail. (A friend is picking me up later to go get the car).

This is a case, where my knight in tarnished armor streak got me in trouble. Even the arresting officers understood WHY I did it. Didn't make my actions appropriate.
I was arraigned and walked home the six miles from the jail, arriving at home just as my wife was brought home. Parts of the walk consisted of being shadowed by a homeless guy as I walked on 22nd Street over the Union Pacific Yards.
I go to court February 15th. I'll probably get Community Service.

I don't believe it. Forty nine years old, things are going well and I go and do this. There is a moral to this story, ladies and gentlemen. Remember Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. Practice Non-Violence unless your life is in danger. I am going to offer the judge (of course without pay) that I will speak to groups as a community service. Not as a long time ex-convict who saw the light, but as someone who has been highly successful who got "angry" once. I am telling you, the many friends I have made here, especially the young ones, don't learn this the way I did. In the back of a police car in the early morning hours. In the county lockup with all sorts of other folks. Remember, I have now been fingerprinted, etc. so I am "in the system." I still have my wife's cries ringing in my ears. However, I am useless if I lose my temper. I am writing to you, ladies and gentlemen subdued and humiliated. It's not a lesson to be emulated, but one that comes with a warning label. This is very much a case of "don't do as I did, do as I say."
Remember, do this as how NOT to.
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by canaveralgumby on 2 February 2006 2:18am

I hope you are both all right. I mean that! I'm praying for ya.

I'll say what Sam Kinnison said about wife beating. I don't condone punching the ER staff. I UNDERSTAND it!! But I don't condone it... Some other time I'll tell you my not-quite-so-dramatic ER experience when my husband was having a hernia in his esophagus that felt like a heart attack.

What's wrong with Elaine's knee? A pain that got progressively worse? Is it from typing? (Little writers' joke there. Very little.)

Don't know what else to say. Keep us informed. Like I have to tell you that! And please, God, don't ever let me do anything to piss off tusconnmike! I KEEEEED I KEEEEED because I love!
-- Cori
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by tucsonmike on 2 February 2006 4:31am
Why thank you Cori. That's it, for me to get angry, it happens almost never. I told Elaine about your writers joke. Elaines response? It was really from kicking my butt, but who is counting?
I have to go back out to Walgreens to get her Prescription or she wont sleep. Her orthopedist thought the pain was either a bone bruise or plain ol' knee deterioration, which would mean she needs a knee replacement. They don't like to do those on 51 year olds, 'cause they have to be done again.
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by perfectbitch on 2 February 2006 10:39am
Please give Elaine my good wishes and hopes that she can get some relief. It is true that knee replacements are unlikely to be done twice. There are some dietry and health supplements that may help -eg. glucosamine sulphate; chondritin etc. Swimming may also help, if you have enough water in Tuscon! : ).

Anger. Mmm. I must admit to feeling more angry as I get older but I don't have the energy to get physical now. : ).

Don't beat yourself up (sorry for that one) about it. You were protecting your spouse and that is admirable. Lucky Elaine. Linz
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by kazzzz on 2 February 2006 12:45pm
Gawd wot a story Mike!!!
I hope your wife is ok...and yes I understand about punching people...I work in customer services cough cough...but maybe next time pelt an egg (creme of course)!!
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by suzulu on 2 February 2006 1:19pm
OMG Mike! That stupid nurse shouldn't have lifted your wife's leg if she was screaming in agony. The nurse should have been arrested instead!

The judge should be lenient given the circumstances and it is the first time it's happened.

Don't worry and I hope your wife's knee gets better.
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by kazzzz on 2 February 2006 1:32pm
Mike I remember when I was 7 I had major surgery and afterwards was very dazed and confused...didn't know where I was...the nurse tied me to the bed by my arms and legs and I woke up in terror...actually screaming...I was a terrible experience for a child.

I told my parents and they followed it up...she denied doing it and said I had been hallucinating due to the anaesthetic. Haha...wonder if I imagined the marks around my ankles and wrists too?

I think she was in the wrong job

Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by Holle on 2 February 2006 2:03pm
I feel always miserable when I had a nice day and learn afterwards that a good friend was in trouble at the same time and there isn't much I can do. Mike, my friend let me know if I can do something to cheer you up.
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by arty_farty on 2 February 2006 2:39pm
Re: How NOT to Get Arrested! :-( by Ellerd on 2 February 2006 3:07pm
What an awful experience - Arty_farty sums it up well!
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