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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Nightmare by Spursfan on 2 February 2006 10:13am
I had this nightmare last night which was so real I'm wondering if it was a glimpse of a past life!! I was living with my husband (who I think was a high ranking German Officer) in Germany during the last days of the war. Although he didn't appear in the dream, I knew that Hitler was one of our 'friends'. We were aware of the allies arriving, and my husband was going to shoot me and our two small children and then himself, as the alternative fate with the allies would have been much worse. I remember feeling very scared at this, and told him that I would shoot myself after he had died (not meaning to do so) but he said he would do it. I then woke up, terrified!!

So: a past life - or have I watched too many war films/docus?!!

Whatever, I got up and looked in the mirror - I was white as a sheet!

Re: Nightmare by suzulu on 2 February 2006 1:31pm
What a horrible dream! Maybe it all means something, if anyone is good at interpreting dreams. Or reliving a past life, as you say!

I dream a lot but there is one particular dream which I will always remember. I was quite young at the time, maybe early teens, and I dreamt I was in, presumably, China, as people were dressed in old Chinese costumes, and there was this clanging noise all around me,like gongs. I remember feeling so afraid, at what I don't know, and knowing I was dreaming and trying to wake up but couldn't. I kept on going back to this scene. I didn't know much about China at the time, or seen any films on the subject, so I wonder why I had this dream.
Re: Nightmare by Holle on 2 February 2006 2:24pm
I don't believe in a deeper sense of our dreams, as the brain is only rearranging datas on our personal harddisk every night. And the dreams are only wild cut mixtures of our own experiences and feelings. Anne, may be you have seen 'The downfall'recently. I have seen it in London bookstores two month ago. There is exact the scene you described as the Goebels kill their own children and then shot himself. It's definetly not a good-night-story to watch.


Re: Nightmare by arty_farty on 2 February 2006 2:36pm
a dead celeb keeps appearing in my dreams. spooky!
Re: Nightmare by Ellerd on 2 February 2006 3:11pm
When I was much younger, my bed was up against a wall. I used to sleep with my hand up against the wall, until the night I had a very vivid dream in which another hand came through the wall and pulled me inside. That nightmare freaked me out for weeks!
Re: Nightmare by arty_farty on 2 February 2006 4:08pm
i think at one point the celeb was looking after me when i was pissed. i could feel him standing overme. cool huh?
Re: Nightmare by Spursfan on 2 February 2006 4:10pm
No I haven't, Holle. Perhaps I was his wife Magda in a previous life lol. Maybe you're right, perhaps I've read the story before (I just checked him up and the kids (there were only two, a boy and a girl, in my dream and he had 5 I think) were poisoned with cyanide, not shot)- but I can't remember.
Re: Nightmare by tucsonmike on 2 February 2006 7:32pm
You are right Anne. Joseph and Magda Goebbels had six kids, poisoned the kids with Cyanide then shot themselves.

See how NOT to get arrested. I am having nightmares and mine are here in the present. I am off today anyway, but now don't know when I can go back to the "rent paying job" because I have to be at home to take care of my wife. I have become a home health aide basically.
So my latest nightmares are in the here and now and keep me waking up a lot.
Re: Nightmare by Spursfan on 2 February 2006 7:43pm
My sympathy, Mike.

I think it may be my medication (I'm on Methotrexate) as it is known to cause weird dreams; other people on the website for my illness who are on Methotrexate have experienced this.

Best wishes to you and your wife, Mike.

Re: Nightmare by canaveralgumby on 2 February 2006 8:06pm
Is there some destructive situation which your husband is pressuring you into, which you feel fearful, or even just negative, about? Or maybe not your husband, but a male in your life? Business partner? Relative?
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