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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Stalkers by Miss-M on 10 February 2006 2:38am
Are you the victim of the stalker?

Do you wish to reveal the identity of a stalker so as to prevent further stalking of innocent people?

Are you a stalker who wishes to confess and do penance?

If you answered YES to any of the above, please post your stories here. Kaz and I are eager for this important issue to be discussed among fellow Palinites.
Re: Stalkers by tucsonmike on 10 February 2006 4:32am
Y'all arent serious, are you? This is a rather scary post.
Re: Stalkers by Miss-M on 10 February 2006 5:01am
We're completely serious Mike, and this seems to be a very serious problem in this day and age. It's very scary, I agree with you.
Re: Stalkers by tucsonmike on 10 February 2006 5:29am
I have never had this happen to me. I do not know anyone this has happened to. I feel awful for anyone it has happened to.
Re: Stalkers by arty_farty on 10 February 2006 12:22pm
some bullies from my 1st high school followed me home once. twas flaming scary. they hid behind cars and everything!!
Re: Stalkers by kazzzz on 10 February 2006 12:58pm
Well I've got one as Missy knows and I'm not joking.
I belong to club and we all met at christmas for a gettogether...about 100 of us. One guy there seemed ok he was chating to everyone..and we all ahev eachothers msn addies so we all added him.
What a mistake.
He got my mobile number from god knows where he texts me constantly day and night, emails me leaves online messages on several sites....he's driving me mad . I don't think he means any harm but as I've only met him once it is a bit disturbing.
Re: Stalkers by Sophie-Louise on 10 February 2006 1:16pm
omg kazzz that's terrible! change your number!

someone stalked me at school once and kept asking me to go out with him. i once came out the toilet cubicle after my gcse geography exam and he was standing there in the girls toilets and just went 'hi sophie' like everything was normal... what a creep! ugh!!

then he set fire to the sixth form building with me and my friends in the next room!!!! he was expelled...

any palin stalkers out there???? scary! i hope not! lol

Re: Stalkers by Helen on 10 February 2006 2:45pm
I was stalked by an emotionally unstable ex-friend. I got rid of her because she made a career out of using and manipulating me. I finally woke up and realized this was no friend.

She hurled the spiteful, hurtful e-mails at me when I told her not to keep contacting me, and then resorted to dropping by my house unannounced, and driving by my house and beeping her horn.

What ended it finally? (so far, anyway) I called her and basically said "GET OUT OF MY LIFE. YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND." Period. End of story. I was angry. She had never heard an angry Helen. I think it shocked her into finally getting the hell out of my life. Asking her nicely to respect my wishes was not enough.

my advice: tell them NO, NEVER, NOT A CHANCE. Don't say, "no not right now." They'll hear the "not right now" part and think there is still hope.

Be firm. be direct. give them no outs.

good luck, be safe.

Re: Stalkers by tucsonmike on 10 February 2006 10:24pm
Kaz, you need to speak with the authorities, to get the guy to leave you alone. I'd do it, but I am in enough trouble for being the knight in tarnished armor.

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