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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Read this and squirm!!! by Spursfan on 19 January 2007 6:51pm
Ewww! It makes MY toes curl and I'm a girl - Mike, Johnny, and all other males on this site: be warned!!

Angry surgeon chops off manhood

The doctor got angry after making a mistake

An angry Romanian doctor has cut off a patient's p-e-n-i-s during surgery and chopped it into small pieces.

Surgeon Naum Ciomu was operating on patient Nelu Radonescu, 36, to correct a testicular malformation when he suddenly lost his temper.

Grabbing a scalpel, he sliced off the p-e-n-i-s in front of shocked nursing staff, and then placed it on the operating table where he chopped it into small pieces before storming out of the operating theatre at Bucharest hospital.

A Romanian court has now awarded Radonescu £20,000 costs - to pay for the operation to rebuild his ruined p-e-n-i-s using tissue from his arm - as well as £100,000 in damages.

The medical costs will be paid by the hospital's insurer, but doctors' unions have criticised the decision that the money for the damages has to be paid by the doctor. They say the move sets a dangerous precedent and that Professor Ciomu, a urologist and lecturer in anatomy, has already been punished enough after having his medical licence suspended.

They said he had been under stress and had lost his temper after he accidentally cut the man's urinary channel and "overreacted" to the situation. He told the court it was a temporary loss of judgement due to personal problems.

Vice-president of the Romanian Doctors Union, Vasile Astarastoae, said: "Ciomu's case is a dangerous precedent for all Romanian doctors. In future doctors may have to think very carefully about what work they undertake."

The director of the ophthalmology hospital in Bucharest, Dr Monica Pop, said that doctors would in future avoid any cases where they could end up in court having to pay damages.

She added: "Doctors in Romanian earn too little to be able to pay amounts like this. As a result it will be entirely fair if they only accept cases where they cannot make mistakes. The only way this can be avoided is if the insurance companies cover all the risk."

Notice to all doctors and medical service employees world-wide: by Lounge Trekker on 19 January 2007 7:05pm
If you amputate any of my body parts, regardless of health implications...you better make sure I die, or I will hunt you down!

Malpractice Trekker
Read this and squirm!!! by johnnythemonkey on 19 January 2007 9:33pm
Now that the UK is open to Romanians, I hope we don't have a flood of their surgeons coming over.
They say they are going rebuild the unfortunate chap using tissue from his arm.
Fat lot of good that would do me. I could'nt work with half an arm missing!
Re: Read this and squirm!!! by tucsonmike on 20 January 2007 3:41am
I am squirming! I've heard of road rage, but operation rage? Erection rage? I wouldn't have the balls...

Seriously, the man from the Romanian Doctors Union is complaining about certain medical work not being done? In the United States, many areas don't have certain types of doctors for fear of malpractice.

So let me see if I have this straight. The surgeon got mad and took it out of the patient? Not very nice...Who is going to pay for the psychiatric counseling the patient is going to need?
Re: Read this and squirm!!! by foreignrabbit on 20 January 2007 11:03pm
or ours for that matter.
Re: Read this and squirm!!! by TERRY S on 4 February 2008 8:33pm
Re: Read this and squirm!!! by suzulu on 5 February 2008 1:50pm
OMG! That's dreadful!
Re: Read this and squirm!!! by mrsthing on 6 February 2008 2:01am
"Overreacted"? No, "overreacted" is when you throw the scalpel on the floor and storm out of the room. Cutting off someone's private parts is psychotic!

If he can't pay the damages, he should have to have his p*enis removed, too.

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