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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Cadburys by Spursfan on 20 January 2010 9:36pm
Oh - sorry!! I had just googled 'Kraft foods' and noticed that they make Tang and put 2 and 2 together to make 5!!

Apologies again.

Re: Cadburys by kazzzz on 21 January 2010 6:03am
We used to drink Tang as kids, it was absolutely disgusting.
Re: Cadburys by Spursfan on 21 January 2010 9:46am
They have obviously improved it in the long years since you were a kid, Kazzzz!!

*Anne ducks*


The Tang I mean comes in packets - I noticed online you could get cans of it. Yes it is a bit too sweet for me (this is Turkey we're talking about after all which as a nation has a VERY sweet tooth (and could also win a gold medal at Olympic Smoking, btw!!)) but the flavours are lovely!!

Going on a tangent - or 'Tang-ent' I suppose (!!) fruit teas are very popular in Turkey witht he tourists, mainly Apple Tea. Personally we don't touch them simply because we prefer the normal Turkish cay (chi) - black tea - but also because apple tea was invented for the tourism industry when there was a glut of apples (or so I have read). Which to me means it isn't authentic. Go to a shop and whilst you are looking round they will offer you apple tea. It also comes in black cherry, kiwi, lemon and a huge variety of other flavours, all sweet, always arriving with 2 cubes of sugar on the saucer!!

And while I'm on the subject, we like our Turkish teas served traditionally, i.e. in glass tulip glasses on a little saucer. Fruit tea invariably comes like this, but sometimes if they don't know you the Turks assume you want yours in an English type cup and saucer!! NO WE DON'T!! It tastes so much better in a tulip glass! Trouble is, a lot of the Turks are going over to a bigger cup and saucer now, or even mugs. If people do not know us, we always say TURKISH tea because in some places you would just get a 'Liptons' tea bag (which is English tea)!!


My husband does not lke tea here, but like me he loves Turkish tea!!

Ok, I'll shut up now!

Re: Cadburys by peripatetically on 21 January 2010 2:31pm
I've never had Kool-aid or Tang and I'm what most of you would say is an old geezer. lol We usually drank real orange juice concentrate or fresh squeezed back in the day. Sometimes tomato, apple or grape juice and often I took orange/grapefruit juice to school.
Re: Cadburys by mrsteabag on 21 January 2010 8:16pm
Pats, you are blessed among women. Bless your parents for not feeding you that.
I'm of an age when Tang was fussed about because it was one of the items that the astronauts took into space with them. While we're at it, anyone else remember Space Sticks? I don't recall who made them, but they were supposedly part of the rations on board the Apollo missions.
Re: Cadburys by mrsteabag on 21 January 2010 8:20pm
I just clicked on your link, Anne. They let the tea steep for 15 minutes? COOOL! That's my kind of tea! Only I drink a big mug of it with a splash of milk and leave in the bag. My dental hygenist gets combat pay. :)
Re: Cadburys by peripatetically on 21 January 2010 10:39pm
Fran, Tang was known for going into space with the astronauts, yes. I rememebr that a a big selling point. We were so used to drinking, and liking, the other beverages that we didn't give trying Tang a thought.
Re: Cadburys by Spursfan on 22 January 2010 10:11am
Yes Fran, then you pour a little of the tea into the glasses and top up with boiling water.

Usually they have a sort of double saucepan - except the top bit is a teapot - going on the stove.

We have an electric samovar in Turkey - not that we have used it much!! This is the make and almost the same but the teapot is all white and a slightly different shape.


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