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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by kazzzz on 4 January 2006 8:50pm
Well if there is were gonna find it ;)
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by suzulu on 4 January 2006 11:56pm
A giant creme egg!! Drool, drool....
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by peripatetically on 5 January 2006 12:41am
Toss!. Kaz, did you catch it? here's another, wind and pitch, TOSS!!!!!! zoooooooooom, bounce bounce bounce! plop! Uh oh!! hahahahahaha
I told you to look for another!!!!!!!!

Remember the big giant ne Phyll had and tossed around with Stevie? lol. it was almost bigger than he was. Oh, kaz, he's gotten big and he's a cutie pie. So's Ross!

Hey Sophie! DId Thomas get a picture of Willy by mistake? I think I sent it to hm by mistake. he's pobably wondering what the heck I did that for! HAHAHAHA. Anyway, I hope it made him smile.

Cream Eggs Down on the Farm!
Once upon a time, a golden dickerel laid many a little cream eggs. On her daily chores of colelcting the eggs each morning before dawn, Kaz found them nestled in a little corner of hay. She wanted to adopt them but not for humane purposes. Her idea was to consume them. Sophie-Lou told her, ".............................................."
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by tucsonmike on 5 January 2006 12:44am
I guess you'll have to see if he throws in his tuppence.
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by arty_farty on 5 January 2006 12:57pm
how do you eat yours?
i lick the star off suck the creme through the hole made and when i can't get eny more creme threw that way i bite it in half and lick it out and eat the side thats left. wow that sounded realy horny. any people who get stiffies over my discription are perverts.

and MP coke or pepsi?
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by Clare on 5 January 2006 1:45pm
I nibble the top off mine like a hamster and then suck all of the cream through the hole. mmmmmmm

Oh, I've just read what I ahve written and my apologies as it sounds quite rude, but I was being innocent honest!

Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by tucsonmike on 5 January 2006 7:35pm
Poor Mr. P. I can see it now. The webmaster greeting him with "these are the pressing questions of the day that need answering, your majesty. They want to know if you like Creme Eggs." Notice the amorphous "they."
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by kazzzz on 5 January 2006 9:11pm
Creme eggs down the farm...part 2

"Kazz don't eat all those eggs we need em for our new diet club, they're to be handed out to members who lose weight so that they will eat them and lose more weight!"

So Kazz collected he eggs.....but little did she know there was someone lurking in the shadows...someone with their beady little eyes on the eggs...

Who WAS this mysterious figure???

It was the one and only........
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by risible-phyll on 5 January 2006 10:28pm


Sophie lou told her.. where to go to find the *hatch*..... As Kazz crept quietly through the isles of Asda ( no! not a place name a Supermarket) turning shiftly from left to right, heart racing with her wet nose in the air, which was pulling her magnetically to the Cadburys Creme Egg counter..........she was confronted by a strange view of a bending over backside...it was none other than....
Re: Does MP like creme eggs? by Kristine on 5 January 2006 10:53pm
I like to bite off the top of my creme eggs and dig out the creme with my fingers.

And if MP doesn't like creme eggs, I'll make him like creme eggs! And he'd better like Coke, too.

*Incase you're wondering, yes, it is that old Kristine, who usually went by Krissy. Kazzzy dragged her back here to make a post*
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