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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by risible-phyll on 25 January 2006 11:47pm
aw well don't think I'm doing my hair that day... count me in!!!!!
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by peripatetically on 26 January 2006 12:17am
Your hair never looks good, Phyll. SO no need to worry, Honey.
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by tucsonmike on 26 January 2006 1:43am
Well, here is the letter with the wonderful help Patty gave me in correcting my stream of conscienousness. (Patty, want to join my business)? I can use you. (I feel like a mad genius. If I had more hair, it would be all over the place) LOL!

Here goes.

Dear Sir Richard,
As you know, many folks want to raise money for good works. Itís a problem, because there are many needs. If there isnít a wide range of fundraising ideas, certain good things donít get funded.

We are members of the web site Palinís Travels. (Web link http://www.palinstravels.co.uk, as in Michael Palin, formerly of Monty Python). Many of us have become close and are working on ideas for when and where to begin having get togethers. Our membership is worldwide, so the meeting place would have to rotate.

We thought of getting coverage, but know it is doubtful anyone will be interested in us just chatting and enjoying ourselves for strictly our own pleasure and benefit. What if we did more? Acting as the guinea pigs in your low level space program before you take paying passengers as a way to raise funds for a good cause was a popular idea among the Palinstravels web site members. Then, the program in which you were looking for an apprentice came to mind.

We are approaching you, because like you, we like to think outside the box! This may sound madcap, then again, many an intelligent scheme came out of madcap ideas. It will be your choice as to what we will do and our pleasure in bringing it to fruition.

Thank you, in advance, for your timely reply, as we look forward to working with you to do something useful.

Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by peripatetically on 26 January 2006 3:47pm
HAHAHAHA. Mike, how on earth would I help you? Surely you jest!
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by kazzzz on 26 January 2006 5:53pm
*waves hands frantically in the air*

Pats you can make souvenir confectionery :)
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by peripatetically on 26 January 2006 7:48pm
That might be an option, KAZ!!!!!!! Ya think customs might want to taste some?
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by kazzzz on 26 January 2006 9:28pm
Taste? You EAT them?????
Well I'll be..........
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by sighthound on 27 January 2006 12:00am
Many years ago, I was production manager on an animated show for CBS, "Young Astronauts" that had NASA's participation. I had absolutely no interest in space at the time having been turned off as a very small child when I learned that the heartless Russians had no plans to return to Earth Laika, the dog that they had blasted into space. (We Americans got our space chimps back, probably not from any altruistic intentions on the scientists' part but from the government PR people who knew that the American public with its Anglo-background's affection for animals would not tolerate sending primates to a horrible death.

Anyway, being the only one at the Marvel with a background in live action, I managed to work myself into a position to write, produce, and direct the AstroMinute part of the show. (First woman ever to be allowed to produce, direct and write at the studio - but that is whole other story - got many, many tv industry glass-ceiling stories....)

It was the best job ever in my career. I got to, at Marvel's expense, get an amazing education in space science. My science advisor was a PhD curator at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (who had also been a kid actor so understood how to present to an audience.) I got to hang out with the incredible people who are astronauts at the Johnson Space Center, roam freely though the amazing NASA video library of all the space shots from the first days on, get into all the Shuttle trainers, even touch a moon rock. It turned me into a total space geek.

I wish Branson all the best. I only hope that he will get his project going before I am to old and decrepit to ride along. I've been planning to move to New Mexico anyway so, Sir Richard, I'm available for anything you might need!!! Take me along!
Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by riderofthepurplesage on 27 January 2006 12:56am
Excellent idea, my friend. I will sign it with you!

Re: Sir Richard Branson Letter. by JF on 27 January 2006 10:00am
How about....

Dear Sir Richard

We understand that you are planning to initiate your own space travel programme.

On behalf of those who have been delayed, stranded, overcharged and otherwise inconvenienced by your inability to run a rail service, huge government subsidies notwithstanding, can I urge you to channel your resources into making one mode of transport semi-reliable before you trumpet another of your bizarre schemes.

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