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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Ancient humour... by MMMmmm... on 1 August 2008 7:02pm
Past it's prime(time)?

Here is an aol article about the top ten jokes from "Ancient" times:


I think the take away lesson is: "You had to be there," wink, wink...

(And be a man :)

Re: Ancient humour... by bIG bLOGGER on 11 August 2008 4:38pm
MMMmmm:they don't strike me as too laugh-out-loud amusing.Pehaps our modern sense of humour is the result of evolution.
Re: Ancient humour... by canaveralgumby on 12 August 2008 5:45pm
Well, let's see how the jokes would work today.

"How do entertain a bored male Democrat former President or nominee? You parade a boatload of women dressed in nothing but fishnets and tell 'em to go catch a fish!"

It DOES work!
Re: Ancient humour... by tucsonmike on 12 August 2008 7:29pm
Well done Cori, that would work LOL! I will have to find my link at home for the political cartoon Jib Jab. Bill is always with other women and Hillary catching him and slapping him upside the head.
Re: Ancient humour... by MMMmmm... on 12 August 2008 9:13pm
As everyone here knows - I am ALL MAN - down through my [edited - you fill in the blank!]

You should have seen me - I was in the first Olympics - oiled, naked, and Brawny - just like I am now...
Re: Ancient humour... by bIG bLOGGER on 13 August 2008 5:48pm
Question:In what year was the first Olympics held? If you ran naked today at Beijing,they'd surely arrest you for 'indecency'(with all the world watching).
Ancient humour:With amazing prescience and foresight spanning centuries,anticipating the outcome of the Max Mosley case,the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah were last night threatening to sue the publishers of the Bible over revelations about their sex lives. This stems from the Bible's claims that the people of the towns Sodom and Gomorrah had indulged in acts of wild depravity and orgies of unnatural and obscene carnality.
The majority of residents have condemned furiously the Bible's publishers,claiming that whatever they get up to in private is their own affair and is not for public interest whatsoever.
A spokesman said:"Round here,this sort of behaviour is perfectly acceptable,and it really is no business of the Bible's right-wing prurient muckrakers to somehow suggest that we have done something dirty and therefore deserve to be consumed by an avalanche of fire and brimstone. And furthermore, to invoke the Name of God on their behalf is quite irrelevant and won't score them any points in a Court of Law". They also wish to make clear that the Ancient called 'Methusaleh' is actually 894 years-old,not(as reported) 692.
Re: Ancient humour... by johnnythemonkey on 13 August 2008 5:58pm
Very illuminating bIG. So shirt lifting actually started in Sodom ? I always thought it was London.:)
Re: Ancient humour... by Spursfan on 13 August 2008 7:10pm
No - it began in Glasgow apparently.

In those days it was known as 'skirt' (another name for the kilt) lifting

Re: Ancient humour... by bIG bLOGGER on 14 August 2008 4:21pm
Bonnie Prince Charles(yes,he of the Castle of Windsor) has been having bIG problems lately with impromptu 'skirt'(i.e. kilt)lifting by the windy gusts which sometimes take one by surprise up there in bonnie Scotland,most recently when he attended an outdoor Mey gathering with 300 guests.
This apparently caused his consort,Camilla (yes,she with the face like a horse) to collapse in gales of laughter....
MMmm...one wonders why????
Re: Ancient humour... by canaveralgumby on 14 August 2008 6:12pm
Why are posts in this thread getting hidden behind the box at right?!
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